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15 December 2010
Farewell - at least for now
I really should have posted this valedictory comment a long time ago, but what with one thing and another it got forgotten about.

Since I now live in Northern England, having a blog that looks at home from the perspective of an outsider makes no sense, so I have decided to close it.

Maybe one day I will start a new blog, and if I do then I will leave a post here to link to it. In the meantime The Exile can sit happily as an archive site, so feel free to wander around it. Please note that if you leave a comment it will get caught by a filter and will not appear.

Bye for now!
12 August 2010
Blog Announcement
What's happening with the Exile? The quick answer is that your favourite blogger is basically living on the charity of an old mate and must soon move elsewhere. That elsewhere is going to be one of the the northern mill towns, and the act of sorting out accommodation, buying a minimum amount of furniture and then arranging the transportation is turning out to be more time consuming than I ever imagined.

Rather than mess about any further I am putting the blog into hibernation until the start of September. Let me sort these problems out and once I have a place to lay my head then I will restart the blog.
02 August 2010
Is this the way to hit the social work industry?
Christopher Booker is still throwing stones larger than himself at the social work industry and getting some fairly outraged comments from people who share his anger at the antics of these bovine sub-normals. On commentator suggested that since Booker is prevented by the secrecy laws from naming names the papers should be sent to Wikileaks - all in all the outrage is palpable in the extreme.

The problem is that as this blog can testify, tales of social work vermin only serve to lose readers. Most people in this country have neither young children nor elderly relatives, and so they don't see any reason why they should worry about someone else's problem. Most of the campaigning groups are headed by people who have had some direct and personal problem with those leaches and thus can be dismissed as people with an axe to grind.

It may be that the way to go after them is via the cost of keeping a large body of sub-normal retards on the public payroll. If an attack on the social work industry can be presented as being about saving money, and thus lowering the tax bill, then it might just awaken public interest.


30 July 2010
Vote for the Exile!
Total Politics is running its top 100 blog list again and this year your friendly old Exile forgot all about it which means we will be lucky to keep our place in the list. Voting ends at midnight on Saturday, so please create your list of at least five British blogs and number them in order of preference. E-mail the list to toptenblogs@totalpolitics.com and don't forget to list at number one:

The Exile - http://exile-blog.blogspot.com

29 July 2010
How to catch women
I was having a drink and fell to chatting with a young fellow who was bemoaning his lack of leg-overs. Being an amiable soul your friendly old Exile fell to reminiscing, and what follows is the sum total of that reverie. There are basically two ways in which a man can ensure a steady supply of pussy. . .

As a young fellow I worked shifts so the weekends were not exactly special for me. I would go out from Monday to Thursday inclusive to hunt for women. It wasn't a case of looking for this or that type of girl, all I was after was a jump and if you are willing to dedicate four nights a week to the hunt, then pussy will come your way. I was lucky in the sense that I drove a nice car and looked like a rising young executive, however by the time madam had discovered the truth about me it was too late and another notch had been added to my cock. My relationships lasted on average about four to six weeks, and then I started again hunting for a fresh source of leg-over material. Between the ages of 18 and 28 I reckon that I averaged between six to ten women a year for that decade. I can't be more precise: after all those years the faces kind of blur and the memory fades.

Fast forward to my years in Mexico and looking back it seemed as if the supply of tight young things was too numerous to count. Sure I had the advantage of being white and exotic, but there was more to it than that: I had status as well.

In my case the status came from being a professor, but women are not particularly interested in the ins and outs of the status: all that matters is that he has plenty of it. I could have been a drug dealer and the effect would have been the same. Hard though is is for men to understand - because all we want is a nice shine on our knobs - but women get turned on by a man's status. So when they claim that they are not interested in money they are probably telling the literal truth - the point is that a high status man usually has plenty of readies to flash around, but it is the status that gets them nice and moist.

So what is the lesson for today, young fellows? Well, in your 20s when you have plenty of stamina then you can chase cunt all day and every day and you will probably get enough to keep both you and your cock happy. As you get older you might want to consider either doing something that gives off the aura of success or learning to bullshit so that your little darling thinks that you are a success. Of course she will figure out the truth pretty damned quickly, but so long as you have had your jump, what do you care?

Reading the pearls of wisdom from the friendly old Exile: you know it makes sense.
22 July 2010
A future for social workers?
Christopher Booker over at the Telegraph has developed a real interest in doing over the social work industry. Now that we have a government that does not rely on the votes of creatures like that we should put aside our differences with types like the good Mr Booker an join in the kicking.

The only problem we have is that so many people who form part of the anti-social work alliance are those who have suffered personally at the industry's hands. That makes them keen as mustard, but it also allows the social work industry to question their motives. That is not something that the fuckers can do with this blog, but we are just one small voice.

What is needed is for other blogs to get their kicking boots on and join in the fun. We don't want to debate with these maggots we just want to see the fuckers doing something more in keeping with their intellectual abilities:

Yes, thank you, I will have chips with that burger, Mr Ex-Social Worker.


19 July 2010
Afghan War to end in 2014
Britain's contribution to the war against Afghanistan will end in 2014 according to secret documents obtained by the Independent. Which rather begs the question, who will be the last British solider to die so that our politicians can demonstrate their loyalty to America?