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12 August 2010
Blog Announcement
What's happening with the Exile? The quick answer is that your favourite blogger is basically living on the charity of an old mate and must soon move elsewhere. That elsewhere is going to be one of the the northern mill towns, and the act of sorting out accommodation, buying a minimum amount of furniture and then arranging the transportation is turning out to be more time consuming than I ever imagined.

Rather than mess about any further I am putting the blog into hibernation until the start of September. Let me sort these problems out and once I have a place to lay my head then I will restart the blog.

I voted for your blog xx

28 August 2010 at 19:19  

A few days ago, I wrote the following: “It would have been better Not to have invited that Clinton Cow, because that disgusting piece of vile excrement pollutes Any soil it slithers on”.

We have seen how the recent European toxic sludge pollutes any soil it slithers on, and it would pollute any River it enters causing ecological and environmental destruction.

Expert advice should be definitely be sought, but as a novice, I would suggest some temporary management measures.

Placing sandbags or trucking earth to prevent the sludge entering the Danube River, and putting plastic or earth over the toxic sludge to prevent it from being spread by the wind to other countries.

We have seen the vindictive reaction by Anglo-America towards Eastern Europe and the Balkans, because there is less puppetship in these regions.

Anglo-America has placed explosives into the toxic sludge dam and exploded it because they are furious that they cannot puppetize Continental Europe like they used to.

Of course it has been said that it was an unfortunate accident, but we must never believe everything we hear from the Media, but we all know that the EU is deliberately doing nothing about it, because President Hillary Clinton has given the orders.

10 October 2010 at 10:02  

Get off your fat lazy arse and get blogging, Ken.

17 November 2010 at 20:21  

Clearly you don't even read your own blog anymore, Ken, let alone write for it. Sad.

13 January 2011 at 18:26  

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