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12 August 2010
Blog Announcement
What's happening with the Exile? The quick answer is that your favourite blogger is basically living on the charity of an old mate and must soon move elsewhere. That elsewhere is going to be one of the the northern mill towns, and the act of sorting out accommodation, buying a minimum amount of furniture and then arranging the transportation is turning out to be more time consuming than I ever imagined.

Rather than mess about any further I am putting the blog into hibernation until the start of September. Let me sort these problems out and once I have a place to lay my head then I will restart the blog.
02 August 2010
Is this the way to hit the social work industry?
Christopher Booker is still throwing stones larger than himself at the social work industry and getting some fairly outraged comments from people who share his anger at the antics of these bovine sub-normals. On commentator suggested that since Booker is prevented by the secrecy laws from naming names the papers should be sent to Wikileaks - all in all the outrage is palpable in the extreme.

The problem is that as this blog can testify, tales of social work vermin only serve to lose readers. Most people in this country have neither young children nor elderly relatives, and so they don't see any reason why they should worry about someone else's problem. Most of the campaigning groups are headed by people who have had some direct and personal problem with those leaches and thus can be dismissed as people with an axe to grind.

It may be that the way to go after them is via the cost of keeping a large body of sub-normal retards on the public payroll. If an attack on the social work industry can be presented as being about saving money, and thus lowering the tax bill, then it might just awaken public interest.