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15 July 2010
Cameron is wrong over Raoul Moat Affair
Nobody emerges with any credit from the Raoul Moat affair. Start with Samantha Stobbart who took the opportunity of his imprisonment to tell him that she was dumping him and then in one of those moments that women sometimes have, went on to write that she was getting poked by a pig. That last bit was untrue but it seems to have triggered the rampage. Nice one, Sammie. Then go on to all the police forces who were involved and who turned out to be the Keystone Cops, as directed by Fred Karno, and you will agree that there is enough shit here to cover everyone involved.

However, the biggest dollop must go to the government, especially David Cameron who decided in one of those brain fart moments that politicians sometimes have that he would condemn the people who rather sympathise with the late Mr Moat. The fart then became even louder when he went on to call for Facebook to censor a tribute page to Raoul Moat that somebody had set up.

All that Cameron has done is to make the late Moat into even more of a hero in parts of his old stomping grounds and ensure that yet more Facebook pages are created. An issue that would have died as much of a death as Moat himself now looks set to run and run.

Nice one, Dave.

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