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05 July 2010
Advice for a young man
I was having a drink with my 21 year old nephew the other day, as he sat with his head in his hands bemoaning his fate. Translated into simple English, his girlfriend has dumped him and he thinks that the world will come to an end.

Casting around for something to say I made what I thought was the very obvious point that we get better with age and women just get old. My nephew looked at his favourite tio and cocked his head to one side, thus encouraging me to continue. He will be very attractive to women in thirty years time, when men will pass the bird who dumped him without a second glance. The fellows are competing with each other now for her attention, but let him wait a few years until all the makeup in the world cannot hide the sags and cellulite.

Not only that but the next generation of prime young pussy will be competing with each other to get my nephew's attention, especially when he finishes his postgraduate degree in this country. He will be fighting them off and if I am still alive then I asked that he toss me some of his leavings which made him laugh.

So relax nephew, and all you other young fellows out there who are reading this. Life may not be so great at 20 but it is seriously bloody good later on - that's when we come into our own!

Good advice. But I'm surprised you didn't offer him some more advice based upon your own personal experience, to wit: once he has secured his postgraduate degree, do whatever it takes to get out of Britain, and go somewhere with a future -- and less man-hating women. Of course he will have to grow some balls to overcome the typical emasculation he already seems to be suffering from. Can't you introduce him to some decent sexy Latin women instead of the pasty, fat-thighed and self-entitled slappers he's probably hanging around with?

8 July 2010 at 20:05  

Er, my nephew is Mexican and the conversation took place in Mexico. Why do you think that the blog has had so few postings?

To be fair he has no problem pulling talent, the problem is that he is not willing to accept nice village girls as he prefers women who can speak English and have western ideas.

I have sort of mentioned that this is not a very good idea, but you know what the young are like when it comes to listening to their elders.

9 July 2010 at 01:50  

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