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09 June 2010
Why do mobile phones have an adult lock?
So this old contact from the porn trade gives me a ring and tells me that he has shot some video of a tasty bird pleasuring herself with a monster dildo and would I like a look? Of course I would so he sent me the link to downland the epic to my mobile and that is where the fun began. Mobile phones come with an adult lock as standard and the punter has to call the company to get it removed.

I spoke to a fairly typical call centre Indian who sounded just like the late Peter Sellers taking the piss and explained that I was wanted the lock removed as I had a video waiting that might be worth a wank. He farted around that long that I began to lose interest, but it did give me time to think about these adult locks and their utility.

The point is that they are a waste of time because they only work when you are downloading something from a known porno site, not getting something that is being passed around from phone to phone. Since kids tend not to have credit cards that are needed to gain access to pay sites, they get their wank materials from their friends - so what's the point of the adult lock on mobile telephones?



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