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15 June 2010
Was Caroline Nokes set up by James Dinsdale?
Who tipped off the Daily Mirror to the fact that Caroline Nokes and James Dinsdale were about to meet in a hotel? Tory Bear thinks that it was Dinsdale himself, and as evidence he points to the fact that the Mirror knew about the assignation, which hotel it was due to take place in and even in which room the couple were staying. The Exile is curious to know just how the paper got the news about the text that Caroline sent to Jimmy from the Commons' chamber - the one that said she was bored with the debate? All this information can really only have come from one or the other of the two participants.

The Tory Bear also considers Jimmy's one line press statement which read: "I can confirm Caroline Nokes and I have had a sexual relationship. I have no further comment," as further evidence of Jimmy's complicity in the deed. What kind of man would say that about his lover? Any normal man would want to protect her from the coming storm, but Jimmy seems to have thrown the woman that he has just had sex with to the wolves.

Why he did it is anyone's guess. One internet rumour has it that Caroline is getting a bit long in the tooth and is no longer the sexy MILF that she was when they met four years ago. Now, fat and pushing 40, she is a bit of an embarrassment to a bright young Tory like Jimmy, so it is time to not only get shut, but to make a few bob from the papers by doing it.



Of course he ratted her out - he's an Old Etonian and a Tory. She deserved it, though, she's a terrible hypocrite and a liar. Not to mention stupid. Let's hope she gets sacked and he gets thrown out of the party, too. But someone in the Conservatives is probably already working on a way to squirm out of this and save both of them. A week on and the silence is deafening, as they say. Is Cameron not interested in stuff like this? This just demonstrates what everyone knows deep down - public schoolboys (like Dinsdale, Cameron and Boris Johnson, for example) are major scumbags.

19 June 2010 at 17:00  

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