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02 June 2010
One explanation for the Mediterranean Massacre

Do you like the new version of the Israeli flag that is going the rounds?

Looking back on this PR disaster for imperialism's outpost in Arabia, friends of the nasty little shithole responsible need to be considering such factors as patience, concentration and precision. These are all skills that your friendly old Exile uses when shaving his balls, so why can't the fucking Israelis uses the same talents to take over a ship without creating enough corpses to fill a cemetery?

Could it be that they are so used to massacring Arabs and then covering their crimes up that they thought that they could get away with it?

Didn't the Israelis take over some five other ships, without any injuries to commandos or the passengers?

I think they did!

As for Turkey leading calls for sanctions against Israel, will the Turks be refusing delivery of the drone aircraft on order from the Jewish State, that they've paid some $150 million for?

I think they will!

So much for your anti-imperialist uprising. It seems to be fizzling out before it even gets started.

PS. the ship was registered to the Comorros Islands, not Turkey. So not much chance of anything happening at all over this, is there? Imperialist running-dogs win again, by a nose!

2 June 2010 at 19:43  

"GuavaTech is a cutting edge technology consulting firm focused on providing customized IT solutions for both electronic and floor based trading firms."

Funny that I have never heard of them... Your job is what exactly? Cold calling to see if they will buy the software? A sort of high-tec version of the old door to door wallah.

2 June 2010 at 20:50  

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