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03 June 2010
Final thoughts on the Mediterranean Massacre
The Mediterranean Massacre is one of those gifts that just keeps on giving for anti-imperialists everywhere. Over the past 24 hours three factors have come into play that should help to make our grins even wider:

The first is that Egypt has been forced to open its Sinai crossing point into Gaza. Obviously this has been done under domestic pressure but what it means is that supplies can get into the territory. How long that will last is unclear, but the situation at the moment is that the blockade has been broken.

Secondly, the Turks have involved NATO in the affair, which has opened a can of worms that the Americans desperately want to close. As Craig Murray points out, is NATO just an arm of American foreign policy or is it an alliance of equals? If the latter is the case then Turkey has been attacked and should be able to call on NATO support. The fact that the Americans will veto that tends to point to the conclusion that NATO is just a tool of Washington. According to Murray, that is what the Europeans in NATO are now saying to each other. The possibility that in the long term we may be able to get the fucking Americans out of Europe has moved marginally closer thanks to Israel's actions.

Finally, slowly but surely public opinion is moving in the direction of sanctions being applied to that shitty little country. It won't happen this year or even next, but it will come sooner or later. The politicians will concede it just as they did over South Africa once the pressure grows.

So, in the short term we have the breaking of the blockade and in the long term the possibility that the transatlantic alliance may come to an end as Europe moves in one direction over Israel and the USA goes in the other.

This looks like win-win to your friendly old Exile.

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