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22 June 2010
Farewell to Gimlet Kamm
Gimlet Kamm has a valedictory post up, basically saying goodbye to most of his readers before the Times goes behind its new pay wall. Being the nicest of all bloggers, I left a comment saying that in the days when the Independent had its wall people would download the latest Robert Fisk piece and repost it around the web. I went on to posit that this was unlikely to happen with anything that Gimlet wrote so it was time to say goodbye. I did mention that I would miss him since whenever I got stuck for a story a trip over to his blog always gave me an easy posting and a cheap laugh. I knew that the short-arsed little fucktard wouldn't let the comment through, but I also knew that he would at least read it, and that was all that mattered.

Later on that evening, just after Anthea my spunk-hungry little sex slave had finished deep throating me, but before she had time to remove her middle finger from my bum, a ping told me that a mail had arrived at my computer. I swear by the air that I breath, the beer that I drink and the pussy that I fuck that it was from Gimlet. This is what he wrote:
Thank you for posting your latest comment to my blog. I'm afraid that none is ever published as your racism and praise for the BNP violate this newspaper's guidelines. OK
What can I say? I have never praised the BNP, and I will drink beer with any man and shag any woman of whatever hue, dusky or otherwise. Even if that were not the case so long as I keep within the Time's guidelines for my postings they should be acceptable. Luckily I have kept all my comments to Gimlet's blog so I may take this up with the press complaints' council.

What do I reckon? I reckon that the short-arsed little fucktard got angry and he couldn't resist banging out a mail to me. Truly, I shall miss the little wazzock when he is not around. In the meantime it only remains for me to say:

Game! Set! Match!



Remind me never to make an enemy out of you!

22 June 2010 at 11:17  

Gimlet's problems are three-fold:

1. He has got more gob than a cow's got cunt.

2. He is a bully. That's why he picked a fight with Neil Clark, but he doesn't like it when some cunt stands up to him.

3. I love conflict. I just do.

22 June 2010 at 15:39  

Duly reproduced to gladden yet further the hearts of those still trying to post comments elsewhere on my blog in their hissy fit, now several days in but still going strong, at anyone’s having dared to blaspheme their, now well and truly fallen, idol.

According to Harry’s Place, Kamm’s “blog will also not be read by the majority of users of the Internet around the world.” That will be awful for “the majority of users of the Internet around the world.” How will they ever cope?

27 June 2010 at 01:12  

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