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05 May 2010
Never vote Tory: here's a reminder why
Here's one good reason why you shouldn't vote fucking Tory tomorrow: it's the party of the Maggot and of those who want to lick the Maggot's diseased-ridden cunt. The Tories are the enemy, the party of the employer and the employer's bumboys: always have been, always will be.

The have lied over the past few years and claimed that they are different now than they were, but just look at their record in Hammersmith and Fulham to see the reality. They promised to make the poor better off and promptly closed down twelve homeless shelters, forcing at least one heavily pregnant woman onto the streets. In their 2006 manifesto they promised: "A Conservative council will not reintroduce home-care charging". That promise lasted exactly three months before the fuckers reneged on it. After having jacked up the cost of the meals on wheels service by a whopping £527 a year, the Tories are now eyeing their big prize: the selling off of the council estates for redevelopment by rich bastards. Maxine Davies (42) a mother who lives on one such estate put together a group to fight these plans. When David Cameron came to visit he accused her of "black propaganda" when she challenged him over this. Maxine countered by saying that it was official party policy, whereupon Cameron told her that if she didn't like it, she "should stand for election."

What more is left to be said? The Tories are vermin: never vote for them.



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