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07 May 2010
Thoughts on the election
However you cut it the election result is a disaster for socialism and the left. We were hoping for a plethora of small parties to be returned to Westminster in the hope that chaos would ensure. As any socialist knows, chaos is our best friend for out of it comes opportunity. That moment has passed and we must take what small comfort we can for the plight of the other parties.

The Tories were expected to walk this election, but with 25 seats still to declare they have a derisory 294 seats with just 36 per cent of the vote. David Cameron made enormous changes to his party, changes that his rank and file accepted with gritted teeth because he told them that it was the path to victory. So where's the victory, Dave?

The Liberal-Democrats were expected to be a major player but have a laughable 52 seats and an even more risible 23 per cent of the vote. They might keep one party in power, but will have to be content with a pat on the head and some vague promises of electoral reform. What did for them was their immigration policy, in particular the bit about an amnesty for illegal immigrants. Yes, we know that the middle class rely on cheap labour, but the rest of us would rather like our country back if you don't mind.

Labour is the victor, whether we like it or not. The party has 252 seats out of 29 per cent of the vote at the time of writing. Given that they were facing extinction at the start of the campaign that is an achievement in itself. They were lucky in that they were able to remind people of just what utter shits the Tories are when they are in power, a strategy that was helped by the public schoolboy nature of the Tory front bench.

So what are we to do? Nothing, in a word, because there is nothing that we can do. We need to sit back and await events in the hope that we can take advantage of them. Whichever government takes power later today is going to be weak and a new election is likely within the year. We need to be ready for that.



The thing is, real political people in this country are held hostage by the stupidity of the average voter. You could put a Tory or Labour badge on a plant or a traffic cone and diehards would still vote for them. Actually having said that, both those things would do a better job.

7 May 2010 at 15:33  

So, 294 seats is 'derisory' and 52 is 'laughable'? and you reckon 252 then somehow is a 'victory'? My heavens you've a blinkered view of reality.

7 May 2010 at 16:10  

After all the Nu-Labour has done the fact that Cameron cannot wipe his arse with them tells you everything about the Tories and the disinclination that people have to vote for vermin. The mere fact that Labour wasn't wiped out is proof of that. As Asteri pointed out, the donkey vote is alive and kicking.

7 May 2010 at 16:16  

Exactly, the donkey vote makes it so that scum like Edward Balls keep their seats, while decent MP's like Susan Krammer get the boot.

7 May 2010 at 18:24  

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