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22 April 2010
Shall we vote for the BNP?
There are two fairly good reasons to vote for the British National Party. In Lancaster & Fleetwood they are running the very personable Debra Kent, a thirty year old mother and local resident. It is nice to see local people getting involved with their communities. Debra is a community activist who sits as a school governess, and who now wants to make the transition to the national stage. At least she is not an identikit political hack who has never had a real job in her life.

Secondly, a vote for the BNP would be a marvellous two-fingered gesture of contempt to all the scum who have done so well out of the past thirty-odd years. The time was when the middle class knew fear, and their arses did clench every time a trades union stamped down a city's streets, but those days are gone. A vote for the BNP would help to loosen an awful lot of bowels in a most entertaining way. Forget the politics - let's hear it for the atavistic desire to see people that we despise shit their loads.

So why will your friendly old Exile be voting for the UKIP? At the end of the day, the BNP is still the party of skinheads who worship Odin and who fantasise about blood and soil nationalism. There has always been an element within the far-right that is made up of normal, decent people like Debra Kent, or the men that I used to battle with before she was even born. They took one path and I took the other, but we always understood and respected one another. The same cannot be said of knuckle-dragging fucktards like Lee John Barnes and his dreams of Odinism, or Onanism, or something. Who in his right mind would want to be associated with types like that?

Maybe one day our side will offload the mongish Trots, and Debra and her pals will deal with their headbangers, and then we can sit down together and decide the future of our country. That day has not yet arrived and until it does the thought of voting for the BNP leaves me feeling in need of a bath.

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I could bath in roses and still wouldn't ever feel clean if i (having lost all sanity) voted BNP.

22 April 2010 at 11:15  

Yes, you may very well be right. Still it would be nice if they could get rid of the head the ball element.

22 April 2010 at 19:09  

First and foremost, immigrants are Human beings wanting the same things as anyone else, which is peace, harmony, an ability to earn money and enjoy life. They are not thieves,rapists, murderers, disease carrying persons, or spongers from the state any more than any other person from Britain. Immigration is an issue, but to make it a racist issue is sick and disgusting knowing the same people could save your loved ones life with a blood transfusion or organ donation. Lastly Britain was made wealthy from its good and lets face it some not-so-good exploits abroad in many countries that made it rich. we should be careful in the way we treat others now we enjoy the compounded interest of that wealth over many years and that is why we should always remain sensible and helpful to many peoples including African people, whilst maintaining a tight reign on immigration form ALL countries not just those from far shores.

That said Id still rather walk hot coals than vote with BNP who make such silly racist remarks from not very well read people

26 April 2010 at 17:03  

You seem very, very twitchy indeed, and I suggest that you go and have a nice long wank. Maybe after you have shot your wad you will come over as less of a webmong?

26 April 2010 at 17:28  

Debra Kent lives in Warrington so isn't exactly local to this constituency.

29 April 2010 at 12:15  

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