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21 April 2010
Oxford sex & condom use back in the day
As we end this short series, let's be honest: our generation really had made, didn't we? Let's take condoms as an example. Using one is like having a bath with your socks on, you can do it, but you are not likely to enjoy the experience very much. Reading today's sex bloggers your friendly old Exile is amazed to discover that condom use is pretty universal but that was certainly not the case back in the Oxford day.

AIDS was something that normal people didn't worry about, and that was why we called it Arse Injected Death Syndrome. We looked upon it as Mother Nature's little way of reminding the poofs what their arseholes were for. The main venereal diseases were cured at the clap clinics that were to be found in every town and city. Not that I ever met anyone who used those services, but they did exist and just about every public toilet had a notice giving details of the nearest one.

More importantly, ours was the generation that came to sexual maturity taking the pill for granted. Men did not ask women in those days if they were on the pill as just about every woman took her little tablet every day even if she didn't have a lover. Come to think of it, this writer can only remember one woman who told him that she was not on the pill, and she then went into a long explanation as to why she had temporarily stopped taking it. It might be that women in those days had a better understanding of men and knew damn well that we would tell them anything if it meant that we could get them on their backs, so they took adequate precautions.

Say what you like, folks, but we really formed a part of the blessed generation.



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