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05 April 2010
Nick Griffin rides out failed attempt at coup in BNP
Mark Collett has been dismissed from his post as the British National Party's publicity chief. The story is that he tried to lead a coup against Nick Griffin, the party's leader. Certainly the party has been putting that version of events out, but The Exile can exclusively reveal that the leader of the failed putsch was actually Eddy Butler, the national election organiser, who has been sacked along with Collett.

A very senior BNP figure has spoken to The Exile. His version of events is that Collett is little more than a "long streak of piss" and not to be taken seriously. He only joined the coup plot when the party began to question the amounts of money that was being wasting due to his stupidity. For instance the Euro election leaflets that had to be pulped because Collett had forgotten to put the name and address of the publisher on them.

Butler began to plot against Griffin about three months ago, largely because he objected to the role that Jim Dowson plays as a consultant to the party. Dowson has been responsible for some cost-cutting exercises which have not gone down very well amongst the senior activists, but the main bone of contention for Butler is the amount of money that the BNP is spending in Ulster, which is where Dowson is based. To be fair to Dowson, he is saving the party a lot of money and is entitled to be paid for his labours. However as far as Butler was concerned, that was slush that should have stayed within the traditional BNP family as it were. This is where Collett comes into the picture because the Dowson reforms involve outsourcing as much work as possible. Collett may have been the publicity officer, but he handled the actual printing, and stood to lose a lot of money from those reforms.

Our source reports that Griffin is now totally in control of the party, but more blood-letting is expected. Butler and Collett know where "a lot of the bodies are buried" and can be expected to leak as much damaging information about individuals as they can. Our source concluded that such people will be expected "to walk the plank" with as much dignity as they can muster for the benefit of the party.

How much will this effect the BNP's chances at the election? Our source has it that the matter is not an issue for the party's rank and file and if that turns out to be true then the matter should blow over fairly quickly.



Hi Exile,

Butlers still 'in' (as is Colgate) & is apparently 'heading up' the Barking & Dagenham Council campaign. My guess is Griffin was happy to sacrifice a divisive & unpopular figure such as Collett but realised that firing Butler & Colgate would create too much flak this close to the election. I'm not entirely convinced by your contacts account - it sounds a bit too sanitised.


6 April 2010 at 09:41  

Sure on both counts:

1. He is still a candidate but no longer holds his party position.

2. Of course sanitised, or partial, but the guy is honest and would not spin me a yarn. He spoke the truth, I believe, has he saw it.

6 April 2010 at 10:24  

Well done for providing that bit of background, whether or not it's entirely accurate; nice to know these arseholes can always be relied on to self-destruct.

6 April 2010 at 23:35  

I suspect that it is not entirely accurate. That is not due to me trying to pull a fast one, rather the need to get the story out before anyone else. It looks as if Collett was rather more central than I was led to believe.

7 April 2010 at 22:33  

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