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26 April 2010
The murder of Blair Peach
Who killed Blair Peach? The Daily Telegraph's question is redundant because is was the police, of course, back in 1979 just before Maggot Thatcher came to power. One of six suspects killed him, probably with some kind of authorised weapon such as a leaded cosh. Needless to say nobody was ever charged and the matter was allowed to drop. Now, a carefully redacted version of the police's own case file is about to be released, redacted so that nobody can use it to go after the killer.

Just think for a moment what would have happened if there were six suspects to the killing of a copper. The notion that the filth would not have been able to decide which of the half dozen suspects to prosecute is risible. However, the police can pretty much do as they please because they are the bootboys of capitalism and their job is to ensure that the system continues. In return they get to kill the odd schoolteacher such as Blair Peach or newspaper sellers like Ian Thomlinson. The reader can imagine them sitting around with their mates afterwards, exchanging smiles of glee as they recount the tale over and over again.

Then again, sometimes it goes wrong. Your friendly old Exile can remember the run up to the independence of Algeria and how a policeman in the colony commented quietly to a BBC news team that he hoped that there would not be any reprisals.

He was living in a fantasy world and probably got the chop as soon as independence came. Let us hope that the day will not be too far in the future when our own home grown bum sucking scabs face a similar fate.



Who killed Blair Peach? I’ve named the officers involved over at the-sauce.org: http://bit.ly/cZpvUy

27 April 2010 at 17:39  

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