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28 April 2010
How Gillian Duffy showed up Labour's true face
Today's exchange between Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and a Mrs Gillian Duffy, provided the unscripted moment when the loathing that Nu-Labour has for the working class could no longer be concealed:

Gordon Brown was on a walkabout in Rochdale when he bumped into Mrs Duffy, who took him to task over the economy, education and immigration. Brown actually emerged from the exchange looking rather well, and Mrs Duffy told reporters that she would vote Labour, but then Brown got in his car and could no longer contain his loathing for the British working class:

Actually Mrs Duffy had hardly mentioned immigration, but that is obviously what Brown was latching onto when he made his unguarded "bigoted woman" remark. To be fair he was only articulating what all the metropolitan political class think of us, the ordinary working people of this country, but Brown was the one caught letting his true feelings show in public.

The Nu-Labour smear machine has already gone into action against Gillian Duffy, as this Twitter page shows, but they cannot avoid the truth: that an ordinary voter asked Gordon Brown some questions and was damned as a bigot for her pains.

Is there anyone left who still plans to vote for these two-legged middle class cockroaches? These people took over our party and made it theirs. Now we shall sit back and watch it vanish down the toilet.



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