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29 April 2010
Are Lancaster BNP really so stupid?
Debra Kent is the BNP candidate for Lancaster and Fleetwood who was banned by a local church from attending a hustings held on the church's property. Your friendly old Exile got in touch with Steve Greenhalgh, the party's North-West press spokesman to see if we could be put in touch with Debra Kent to get her reaction to all this.

After first telling us that the BNP didn't speak to Blogspot blogs, Steve Greenhalgh then said that all candidates' statements were being made through him. I replied that candidates normally speak for themselves, and when could I speak to Mrs Kent directly? Perhaps one evening when she was out canvassing, perhaps? Steve Greenhalgh wouldn't give out that information, but he did promise that someone would knock on my door and give me a statement, maybe.

Quite what the BNP are playing at here is hard to fathom. They have a perfect opportunity to present themselves as the victims of a conspiracy to deny them their democratic rights and they are not taking it. Very well, I will not vote for the BNP next week, but if I can get to speak to the candidate I will at least report her words fairly.

The party's cack-handed failure in this regard means that the banning is ceasing to be the story and the BNP's stupidity in handling it has become the narrative. All your fault, BNP.

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