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02 March 2010
They bury the babies four to a pit in London
They bury the paupers' babies four to a grave in London, with the paupers themselves going into a pit deep enough to hold six. The chief executive of Islington Council didn't believe that such Dickensian common pits still existed in the London of the twenty-first century until the Evening Standard's reporter showed him the figures: over 200 men, women and children buried communally in one cemetery in one London borough over the past three years. At least the £210,000 a year parasite had the decency to be "shame-faced," as well he might.

The Standard is running a series of reports all this week dedicated to uncovering stories such as this and the big Labour lie that they expose. Remember that back in 1999 the regime promised to halve child poverty by 2010 and end it completely by 2020. The regime lied: just look at the coffins of the babies as they lie in an unmarked common pit waiting for enough small, white boxes to be placed in the grave so that it can be filled in if you doubt that.

This regime is evil and it must be destroyed. Its carcass must be taken to a crossroads at the dead of night and buried, face down, with a stake that runs deep through its body and into the good earth below. It must never rise again.

We owe it to the babies in their common pits.



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