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19 March 2010
Teacher refused to help Sam Linton as he lay dying
An incredible story is breaking about how a teacher left 11 year old Samuel Linton dying from an asthma attack in a corridor and refused to listen to the pleas of two pupils that she do her job properly. Needless to say no action has been taken against Janet Ford, the teacher concerned, but Stockport Council has promised that: "The school and the local authority will continue to take steps to address issues identified from Samuel's death." Got that? They will set up a working party and create an asthma policy or some such nonsense, just to ensure that this woman keeps her cushy little local government number. That is the way that local government works.

Living in a working class district in Britain is increasingly similar to living in a colonial territory during the days of empire. The residents are the natives, the kaffirs, the chavs, and the colonial administrators are the teachers, police, social workers and assorted council officials, all of whom parachute into the territory in the morning, and then scuttle out as quickly as possible at day's end. Even the councillors, the men and women who are supposed to legitimise these characters' actions, are increasingly outsiders who do not live in the wards that they ostensibly represent.
Nothing has changed in the intervening years and neither has the solution. Working class people must cease to disengage from politics and each estate must have its cadre of community activists who will work to keep the local government rabble in order.

Otherwise nothing will change



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