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01 March 2010
The Russians in London
Is it just me or does anyone else think that the Russians who are now blessing London with their presence are all complete and utter shits? Take yesterday as a case in point when I had an appointment with a Russian chiropodist who turned out to be not only a revolting tub of lard, but also the owner of some seriously wonky views to boot.

I'm not quite sure how the conversation turned to the Russian Revolution, but I was amazed to discover, courtesy of that rancid hag, that none of the revolutionary leaders was actually Russian. To start with Lenin was "German bastard with bit of Tartar gypsy blood". I think that the tub meant that his ancestors were Volga-German and Tarter, but her comments were less about cultural background and had more to do with the purity of the blood and stuff like that.

Staying on this theme I discovered that Uncle Joe Stalin was Georgian and that Trotsky was Joeish. I was also asked if I was Joeish, partly because it seems that I look Joeish, but also because only a Joe could refer to the man who helped kill the last royal family as uncle. The tub then went on to explain that the Romanovs have been sanctified by the Orthodox Church and that she has a shrine to their memory in her flat in one of the shittier parts of South London.

The following video is reproduced here especially for all and any fat tubs of lard who may drop by:

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The younger ones are not half bad but as far as the old babushkas are concerned I would not touch any of them with yours never mind mine.

As far as this one is concerned why not get in touch with the authorities and see if her smelly arse cannot be deported?

The only cunt we want in England is decent cunt!

1 March 2010 at 11:31  

Someone said to me the other day that he prefers Ruskies to Pakis but would prefer it if they all went home. I can understand his point of view, but your Ruskie is sort of white so can be accepted in time.

1 March 2010 at 11:50  

Only sort of white as the number of scams they run is frightening. A friend deals with housing benefit claims and he says that as soon as he sees a Russian name he thinks fraud. Worse that the Pakis they are.

1 March 2010 at 15:16  

Hahaha, it's always funny when a Western fellow-traveller of Marxism comes face to face with those who've actually suffered under it's "blessings" for a few generations, instead of just read about it in commie journals and books.

In point of fact, Trotsky was Jewish, Stalin was Georgian, and Lenin was part-German and an aristo to boot. So just actually was the "dodgy" view of your chiropodist that you are complaining about?

1 March 2010 at 16:57  

Trotsky may have been Jewish but he was still Russian as was Lenin, most Russians are of mixed ethnicity hence the old Russian saying "scratch a Russian and you’ll find a Tatar"

That chiropodist should check her history because the Romanov's had no Russian blood in them in fact Romanov was not their name, the last Romanov died in the 18th century, the real family name was Holstein-Goettorp. The old Empire was governed by German aristocrats like Witte and Reutern and the court language was French. Hardly pure Russky was it?

1 March 2010 at 17:33  

Trotsky was born and grew up in the Ukraine, dimwit. And I've read Exile's post over and over, and nowhere does he suggest that his chiropodist claimed that the Romanov's were of Russian descent. You seem to be commenting on some different post to the rest of us.

Exile, did you really only find out when your chiropodist informed yuo recently that Trotsky was Jewish and Stalin was Georgian? What did you think previously, that they were the fifth and sixth Beatles?

1 March 2010 at 19:37  

Very droll.

I knew that Trotsky was Jewish and Staling a Georgian, but I just never thought that it mattered until I got an earful of Holy Mother Russia's daughter the other day.

I remember wondering when the Cold War ended if the Eastern Europeans were really gallant fighters for democracy or just a bunch of Jew-baiting peasants. Now I have my answer...

1 March 2010 at 21:34  

Well actually Trotsky was from a part of Ukraine called New Russia in the days when there was no Ukraine. The chiropodist was clearly stating her dislike of non Russian while at the same time venerating a non Russian dynasty.

2 March 2010 at 00:01  

Quite, Asteri, but who cares? Russia was sometimes referred to as Upper Volta with missiles and you can see where the jibe came from. A primitive place with primitive people.

2 March 2010 at 01:13  

I remember the very first Russian I met, outside Brixton tube in early 1990. I was selling a Trot paper to the indifferently oppressed masses and he was selling Lenin badges to the avant-fashionistas. He spat at me i front of the 5pm rush hour and called me something phlegmy I didn't understand, apart from the bit that went "...kommie..."

Fortunately as I left behind my early 20s I developed a healthy, grown up loathing for Marxism and all other forms of intellectually-attractive despotism -- not so much through considering their doctrines, but more through interacting with the kind of people drawn to them. I finally caught up with where that poor Russki sod had arrived at, probably when he was imbibing from his mother's tit. It's sad that Exile is still peddling the same old tired tunes to the same old dupes, especially the Nazi twats who seem to hang around in his comment boxes nowadays (remember, racism is the original and most bone-headed kind of collectivist authoritarianism).

2 March 2010 at 17:09  

I would thought that going to live in Chicago was pretty boneheaded, but never mind. So was it Socialist Worker you used to sell?

2 March 2010 at 19:22  

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