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09 March 2010
The left and the price of bread
The disconnect between ordinary people and the so-called left that claims to represent them becomes more and more apparent as we trawl through the socialist blogs. You don't have to look far to find debates about Palestine, war or identity politics, but finding something that ordinary people can relate to is next to impossible.

Let's take bread as a case in point. A loaf costs about £1.30 with many supermarkets offering them at two for £2.00. You cannot stand in any supermarket's bread section for more than a few minutes without someone complaining about the price of them, so why is the left not banging the drum about this vitally important matter? It is vitally important, of course, because bread is the difference between a full stomach and going to bed hungry.

Millions of our people live on benefits and a single, unemployed person gets the princely sum of around £65.00 per week to live on. A minimum wager earns £5.80 an hour which come to £232.00 for a 40 hour week. Less stoppages, of course, for national insurance and tax.

Now you know why people stand in supermarkets and complain to each other about the cost of this most basic part of any working class diet. So why is the left ignoring this issue? The only answer that this writer can come up with is that the left ignores this issue precisely because it is a working class concern. This new-left is just another section of the middle class that talks to itself and to other middle class types. It doesn't give a stuff about us or our concerns.

Which is why we don't give a stuff about it.



Your fiscal analysis is misleading. The unemployed person has considerably more than 65 quid to live on, because they get their rent paid by housing benefit -- and are eligible for numerous subsidies, eg. anything from prescription charges to cheaper tickets at the cinema. That's why the person earning minimum wage, who gets none of these subsidies, spends a lot more time complaining about the welfare scroungers who live just as well as they do without lifting a finger, than they do about the price of bread.

9 March 2010 at 20:24  

I guess the left these days prefer the circuses to bread, maybe they think we all eat cake instead?

10 March 2010 at 11:28  

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