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23 March 2010
Fake left continue to mither about the EDL
Following on from last night's posting about the English Defence League, the reaction around the world of wank is everything that you would imagine it to be. Just about every so-called leftist blog is screaming about the EDL' racism, fascism and the like. Now a cursory check of the EDL will show that the body is pretty multi-ethnic in its make-up, which makes sense when you consider that it draws its support from working class areas. Not only that but the BNP positively loathes the EDL and wants nothing whatever to do with it. So what's going on?

Your friendly old Exile reckons that the ideologically pure at heart are basically shitting their loads at the thought of the real working class actually taking matters into their own hands and putting forward their own agenda. Note that we said the real working class, not the one that various precious souls fondly believe exists.

Not only that, but the agenda completely cuts out the old Trot-left groupings and leaves them high, dry and dick in hand. People like this really do believe that we are incapable of doing anything without the leadership of the middle class and it must really gall them that we can.

So they scream - and how funny it is to hear them scream. A whole new political world is slowly but surely being created and all these characters can do is scream in impotent rage from the sidelines.



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