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22 March 2010
English Defence League versus Great Unwashed in Bolton
Would you? I mean seriously, would you? Obviously at the end of the night as the last couples make their way to the door and when you have had a few pints in your belly. Would you shag it then?

That is the problem that the left has these days, its people look like circus freaks. As for the ideology what can we say? Take Saturday's disturbance in Bolton as a case in point. The English Defence League, is a working class body that was created spontaneously in March of last year when a group of Muslims protested in Luton at the return of a British regiment from Afghanistan. British people mounted a counter demonstration and you will not be surprised to learn that the police only arrested the British people and left the curry munchers to continue with their antics.

The EDL marched in Bolton on Saturday and an SWP front called Unite Against Fascism mounted a counter march that seems to have consisted of equal parts of the great unwashed and Pakistanis under this banner:

The Trots at Socialist Unity are wanking themselves into a frenzy as the comments to this post show. Being Trots, and therefore very, very stupid, they cannot imagine any working class body not controlled by them that is anything other than a fascist front. The fact that their mere presence is enough to make most working class people walk away in disgust is not something that enters their little minds.

You think that we are exaggerating? Just take a look at the banner that was unfurled by the UAF people on Saturday and then consider the bird in the top photo.

Now go and have a nice long bath: you have earned it.

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