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04 March 2010
Cameron & Harman: like two peas in a pod
Here's a thought that should keep any reasonable working man awake at night. If David Cameron wins the coming election then it is highly likely that Gordon Brown will resign as Labour leader. It is then not too fanciful to suggest that Hattie Harman might become the party's new leader.

OK, Cameron was educated at Eton and Hattie went to St. Paul's Girls' School. The parents pay£15,000 a year these days to educate a Pauline, but the Harmans wasted their brass on young Hattie because all she managed to get was a place at the University of York, unlike Dave who is a Brazenose College, Oxford, man. The only other difference that I can find between them is that Hattie likes to wear an anti-stab vest when walking about her constituency, which probably tells you all that you ever wanted to know about her real views of her constituents.

Other than that the similarities are frightening. Neither has ever had anything approaching a real job. Hattie did a stint for a pressure group before entering the Commons and Cameron was a political researcher and held a cushy number in the media for a time. Both are products of the far reaches of the upper-middle-class where it touches on the old aristocracy. Hattie is related to the Earls of Longford, and Cameron is a direct descendent of King William 1V. In fact the two are also distant cousins, - there is nothing like keeping things in the family, is there?

This is worse than 1910 - at least in those days working class people had the image on the horizon of a country where the producers of wealth were also its consumers and where the parasitic middle and upper classes had been dealt with. Today all we have is the memory of what might have been and the awful looming reality of a government headed by a walking bell-end and an opposition led by his cousin, a creature so fucking ugly that if she had the last cunt on earth, most working men would certainly prefer to have a wank.

How could we allow things to reach this level?



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