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05 March 2010
Apathy reigns on the general election front
Here's an interesting thought, well, interesting to me at any rate. We are now less than two months away from the general election and nobody seems to give a shit. The apathy is such that when I blogged about matters political last week the hit counter seemed to be going in reverse. As soon as I sleazed things up again then we started to get statporn that was very wankable indeed.

We are heading for an election that could change the face of 21st century politics as much as the election of 1918 did for the previous century. The Labour Party is still in danger of extinction, and new parties could emerge to take up the slack - just as happened after 1918. Yet nobody seems to care.

Watching people sleepwalk into the future is a strange experience.



We are heading for an election that could change the face of 21st century politics as much as the election of 1918 did for the previous century.

How do you figure that? The only difference of opinion between Labour and Tory in this election is who truly upholds the legacy of Tony Blair.

Can you clarify your position on Labour, Exile? Sometimes, as in this post, you seem to identify yourself as a Labour man, and worry that the party is doomed. In other posts, you deride Labour politicians as scum and hope for a vote against them.

The truth is that the Labour Party you are sentimental about died in 1983 under the leadership of Michael Foot, and had its coffin nailed shut in 1984-85 under the leadership of Neil Kinnock. All that is left of the Labour tradition is the automatic support for overseas imperial warfare that united Atlee & Foot and Blair & Brown, mate.

5 March 2010 at 16:18  

The election of 1918 ended the Liberal Party's dreams of ever returning to power. The Labour Party came through to fill the role of aggregator of anti-Tory votes. Clearly that will not happen this year, but out of the wreckage some party will have to emerge - or be created - to fulfil that role. I honestly think that Labour is toast.

I am an old-Labour man and for that reason I hate New Labour. I will use the blog to campaign for anyone who offers a non-Tory alternative to Labour. Not that it will do any good as Cameron looks set to win.

5 March 2010 at 19:46  

Yes I agree Cameron will get in, there will be a lot of new faces, possibly a couple of BNP MP's.

I think Cameron will quickly prove to be a total tosser.
If he delays in dealing with the debt then he'll get the blame for all the pain.

If Gordon got back in, especially on postal votes, I would suspect an Afghan or Iranian style election fraud.
I hope New Labour are dead & gone forever.

10 March 2010 at 11:40  

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