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17 February 2010
Yet more Tory posters are defaced for our amusement
The blogs can pat themselves on the back as we have forced the Tories to rethink their election strategy, according to the Independent. As soon as the party came up with new posters, which they were fool enough to think "hard to deface," people start electronically defacing them and within hours their efforts were all over the web.

The deal used to be that posters provided a party with extra publicity that came free in the shape of television and newspaper reports about the campaign. That is what the Tories must have been hoping for with their latest set of posters which feature supposedly real people who have never voted Tory before. The aim is to present the Tories as more than the voice of the nastier suburbs, but all that is happening is that they are spending an arm and a leg on the posters and the sites to display them. The people who are taking the piss are not spending a penny and to add insult to injury it is highly likely that more people see the altered versions than the originals. Thus the image of the Tories as the nasty party is actually reinforced because people will remember the images for their humour and be reminded of what the Tories were like the last time they were in power.

This is where the blogs come in because we bloggers are just as bone idle as any pissed old Grub Street hack. Give us an easy posting and we will grab it with both hands - and postings like this pretty much write themselves. So for that reason we spread the anti-Tory word, we do the campaign's work for it, and it doesn't even cost the originators of the campaign a penny either.

Sooner or later the Tories are going to realise that the future of campaigning is not going to be like the past, but until they do we can continue having cheap laughs and easy postings at their expense.



We should extract so much piss out of them so that they will end up drier than the Gobi desert!
Hopefully when they shrivel up, they will blow away.

17 February 2010 at 15:32  

It is reassuring to know that a million pound + propaganda campaign can be sabotaged by the man in the street.

These people need to know that it isn't all going their way.

17 February 2010 at 15:43  

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