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12 February 2010
The Trade Union & Socialist Coalition
Have you ever heard of the Trade Union and Socialist Coalition? That's OK, because neither had I until the other day. The TUSC is yet another set of initials that involves the coming together of a group of Trots with a few trades unionists and the Stalinists of the Communist Party of Britain. In case you were wondering, the Trots are from the Socialist Party and if that name doesn't ring a bell they were formerly known as the Militant Tendency.

The website isn't bad, but it is unlikely that it gets many visitors. If it did then someone would have noticed by now that one of only two links on the press page leads nowhere because the pillock who created the website ballsed up the HTML. The Exile, however, can report that the link should run to this page on the Socialist Party's website. Other than that the only other paper that seems to have reported this body's existence is The News from Portsmouth. This bodes rather badly for the seventeen candidates who the TUSC plans to run at the general election, all of whom look set to lose their deposits if this is all the publicity that the outfit can manage.

Once again the left looks set to mess things up comprehensively with a shotgun coalition - formed in this case between tankies and Trots for fuck's sake - in the run-up to an election. Once the polls have closed the coalition will vanish and another set of initials will bite the dust.

When will we learn to get things right?



The revolution won't be televised!
Looks like it won't be on the internet either!
& to think Lenin had to do without mobile phones as well.
He made do with trains & standing on the top of armoured cars.

12 February 2010 at 15:49  

Reminds me of "The life of Brian" where you have Popular Front for Judea & the Judean Liberation Front etc.
A few people arguing amongst themselves while the world passes them by.

12 February 2010 at 15:53  

Offer free guns like the BNP are supposedly doing, according to you know who!

12 February 2010 at 16:16  

I think the point is that after over three decades of neo-liberal old wank the best that we can come up with is this.

12 February 2010 at 23:49  

Well they do say why is that all the people who could run this country are driving taxi's or cutting hair?

17 February 2010 at 15:36  

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