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19 February 2010
Tory campaign is faltering through over control
Anti-Tory websites are hosting some hilarious spoofs of Conservative posters, so why when the Tories copy the idea and create spoof posters of their own do they fuck things up so totally? We came up with two answers yesterday, namely that the Tories are slavishly copying Labour's idea and the viewer has to be a political anorak to understand the Tory attempt at humour.

However, there is a third reason why the Tory campaign is misfiring, and that is something that should cause concern in senior Tory circles. In a nutshell the Tories are running a centralised campaign against a bunch of gadflies who are only loosely connected to the Labour Party. We, the gadflies, are in it for the laughs. The fact that it helps Labour is incidental to the cheap chuckles and easy postings that come our way. What seems to have happened with the Labour campaign is that someone came up with the idea of defacing Tory posters and then floated the idea to see if it sank or swam. That is to say that the party is not controlling the gadflies who are busy having a laugh by reposting the images created by other gadflies.

What the Tories need to do is to come up with some humorous anti-Labour notions and see if they can be picked up by blogs that are not connected to the Tory Party. If the idea is good then the web will pick it up and it will fly like shit off a shovel. However, we won't pick up something that is obviously part of a directed campaign. Which is why only the Tory blogs have picked up on the poster campaign and why it is dead in the water. Serious bloggers are individualistic buggers and we don't like being dictated to.

To take back the initiative the Tories need to loosen their control over their campaign. It sounds counter-intuitive, but that is what Labour has done and looking at the polls the strategy seems to be working.



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