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10 February 2010
The Socialist Labour Party's road to nowhere
Given that Tory and Nu-Labour supporting blogs are now inundated with information from their respective parties, it seemed like a good idea to get The Exile on-stream with Arthur Scargill and his mates in the Socialist Labour Party. The idea was to find out their blogging strategy and to see how this blog could fit into it.

Let's be honest and say that the SLP's website is crap. It looks like it was cobbled together by someone who knows nothing about web design in about half an hour using Microsoft's Front Page. Guess what? The pages were knocked together using Front Page and the character who built the site didn't even have the wit to use meta tags in the header - probably didn't know what they were. This is a small party, you may say, but so is the British National Party and just look at their fucking website! A small party can be made to look much bigger courtesy of a decent on-line presence.

Not only that but the SLP can't even get their contact details right. Click over to the contact page and you see that the e-mail address is given as info@socialist-labour-party.org.uk. However if you click on that link the embedded URL reads info@socialistlabour.org.uk and that domain doesn't even exist. That's right, the dickhead who runs the site can't even create a clickable link that works properly. I wrote to the party at the correct address and over 24 hours later the error has not been corrected and no reply has been received. The election is now less than three months away and this party can't even organise its contact details properly - the conclusion is that this outfit couldn't organise a fuck-up in a brothel.

I suppose that we should be grateful that the SLP even has a website. They didn't in about 2000 and a friend of mine who is an ex-miner remarked drily that Arthur probably didn't think that this internet thing had a future. Seriously, and on the basis of the website, this SLP thing doesn't have a future either.



You need sun glasses to look at the SLP site for any length of time!
More Red than that square in Moscow.

I think old King Coal was waiting a coal driven steam powered computer & website with proper piston & drive shaft linkages with Fred Dibnah admiring it.

12 February 2010 at 15:59  

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