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22 February 2010
Sex at Oxbridge, a new shag blog on the block
The newspapers have been going into a feeding frenzy over Sex at Oxbridge, probably because the writer claims to be a student and the hacks are wondering why such ravers didn't exist in their day. They did, but hacks were as loathsome during their undergraduate days as they are today, so their failure to horizontally jog is understandable.

Enough of this merry banter, what are we to make of Sex at Oxbridge? The blog obviously draws its inspiration from Belle de Jour, although the authoress is not on the game: bless her she just likes polishing knobs and who is the friendly old Exile to deny her the pleasure of a well stretched pussy? It may be that the blog's owner fancies making a few bob out of her scribblings as both Belle and Girl With a One Track Mind have done over the years. There seems to be an endless readership for sexual adventures written from the female perspective, so if that is the aim then the authoress looks set to have a winner on her hands.

What do we know about her? Well, she tries to hide her university, but the girl uses Twitter and has given out far too much information on that to continue pretending that she is anything but a Cambridge woman. Sorry but references to Lent Term instead of Hilary and swaps instead of crew dates, rather gives the game away. It is possible of course that she is pulling a fast one, but pending evidence to the contrary the hacks will probably be descending upon Cambridge in an attempt to discover who she is. They might want to start at Newnham College, which has a certain reputation for that kind of thing.

It doesn't look as if the blogger will remain anonymous for long, but so long as she continues to write then plenty of people will continue clicking over here way. Welcome to the world of blogs, Sex at Oxbridge.



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