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26 February 2010
Parties refuse to discuss immigration: voters refuse to play that game
According to this BBC report the main political parties have ceased to talk about immigration, but does that mean that people no longer debate the issue?

These two photos are part of a series of nine that are being passed around by e-mail. Headed "This is Beyond Scary" the photos show various inbred types often dressed in their jim-jams and screaming at the tops of their lungs. The photos hit my in-box yesterday having been sent to me by a friend. He had received them from a woman who had sent them to 22 recipients. She in turn had been part of a 28 person mail shot and everyone mentioned had the mail arrive in their in-box yesterday. Not bad going - at least 50 people hit with just two mails.

So is this how things will pan out during the election? If the parties will not address the issues that people want to debate - and immigrations seems to me to be the top of that particular list - then people will find a way to get their concerns addressed. An e-mail may seem to be a not very effective tool, but that is only to someone who does not understand just how fast an interesting -e-mail can turn viral.

Heaven knows how many people will have read This is Beyond Scary, looked at the photos, and then hit the forward button by the time you read this.



What have the people in these photos got to do with immigration? Just because they support an odious and hateful foreign ideology doesn't imply they are immigrants. You should know that yourself, Ken, being British but sympathetic to the Communist Party and Iraqi psychopaths trying to kill British soldiers. Your postings regularly suggest that support for the BNP is understandable, despite that gang of boneheaded losers being in thrall to Germanic bigotry and staffed by limp-dicked Hitler worshippers.

26 February 2010 at 20:47  

I ran the posting as a comment on the power of a viral e-mail. As I see it the mail is part of a response to a polity that refuses to discuss the issues that people wish to see on the agenda.

British soldiers do not get killed in Iraq because they have all pulled out. The Yanks have had about nine culled this year, but fuck 'em. If they will invade other people's lands...

26 February 2010 at 21:27  

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