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15 February 2010
Middle class losing out in hunt for university places
Here's a story to break your heart: there are not enough university places to go around so middle class parents have decided that the universities are discriminating against them by taking working class applicants from the comprehensives instead of their public school darlings.

A-Levels have been so degraded over the years that getting a string of straight As is not all the difficult. The universities thus have to rely on interviews and students' personal statements much more than they did before. So if it comes to a choice between an applicant who has been spoon fed all his life and may actually not be all that bright and a rough and ready council house lad then the latter will win the place. At the end of the day he has come further than his competitor and the university can be fairly sure that he won't drop out when no bugger is holding his hand any more.

Try explaining that to the mouthy middle class.



An American woman once told me that, thanks to the façades of accent and crammed education, it’s often very difficult to tell how appallingly thick many public school-educated British men are. Apparently, you have to be married to one for at least three years before the horrible truth eventually dawns.

15 February 2010 at 08:18  

To be fair they are not all thick. However, the point is taken - the real thickoes can cover their stupidity with an easy, confident manner.

16 February 2010 at 00:20  

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