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01 February 2010
The importance of Chilcot
The Chilcot Inquiry into the war against Iraq has not told us anything really new. However, it serves to remind people of yet more reasons why they shouldn't return Nu-Labour to power at the next election.

The first was Elizabeth Wilmshurst who will be long remembered for her cutting one-liner directed at Jack Straw. An inquiry member reminded her that he was a lawyer and thus his opinion as to the legality of the war counted for something surely? Smiling sweetly the lady replied that Straw "is not an international lawyer".

Elizabeth Wilmshurst received loud applause at the end of her testimony, probably as a gesture of thanks to a decent person who resigned rather than support a war of aggression. That is something else that people will keep in the backs of their minds long after the minutia of her evidence has been forgotten.

Finally people will remember that Tony Blair chose to sneak into the building by a side entrance two hours before he was due to testify. They will remember the cries of "liar" and "murderer" that came from the public gallery towards the end as his dissembling became too much to tolerate. Roughly eighty percent of the British people think that Blair lied to get our country into war, and almost a quarter want to see him tried for his actions: thanks, Fettes fuckboy, for coming back one more time to remind them of just what a two-legged cockroach you are.

Impressions count for everything and the impressions that are being given here is of a valiant lady who tried to stop a crime being committed, and of the criminal who sent so many to their deaths in the furtherance of that crime.



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