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11 February 2010
How Labour conspired to admit immigrants
Back in October of last year we argued that the government's immigration policy amounted to a conspiracy against the British people. The regime has always argued that immigration was only about the supposed economic benefits for the country, but now it has emerged that since at least the year 2000 it was really about boosting multiculturalism.

The Neather Report that we commented on in that October posting has now been published in full, thanks to a freedom of information request by Migration Watch. The report's references to "social policy" were excised from the document before it was published in 2001, but the Daily Mail now has the full document with the excisions restored and highlighted - so even the most bovine Nu-Labourite can see what the fuckers were up to.

This amounts to a conspiracy not just because the people of Britain were not consulted about the changes that were taking place in their country, but because the very policy itself was kept a secret. We did not give our consent to the taking away of our country, which was done behind our backs. The people responsible for what amounts almost to an act of treason must be held accountable for their actions at the ballot box.

Let's get these maggots out of office!

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I would certainly deport the guilty, assuming anyone would have them!

12 February 2010 at 16:13  

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