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24 February 2010
British people are all racists thinks Labour
It not the crime it's the cover up that gets 'em almost every time. Back in 2000 the Nu-Labour regime commissioned Going with the flow: managing migration in the 21st century. It appears to be another draft of the Neather Report which we are all familiar with, but it does contain fresh information which should help to sink the already leaky Nu-Labour ship.

Explosively, the report acknowledges that the bulk of the British people favour strong immigration controls, but dismisses this saying: "Recent research shows that anti-immigrant sentiment is closely correlated with racism rather than economic motives."

In other words British people's legitimate fears over the future of their country can be ignored because people holding such views are nothing more than wicked racists. The report goes on to argue that people's views can be manipulated, and government propaganda used to get people to accept the loss of their country. The Exile is dubious about that one, but it must be admitted that Nu-Labour had a good run with its spin and deceit.

What was the aim? According to Sir Andrew Green of Migration Watch the government wanted to square a circle: "They concealed their real intentions in the hope they would benefit from the immigrant vote without losing their working-class supporters. They are now paying the price."

They wanted to dupe us into believing that everything was rosy that that we would carry on voting for them, all the while bringing in boatloads of foreigners to sop up the jobs that were on offer and leaving us on the social.

Come on people: you are not going to vote for these maggots, are you?



The white working class is more likely to intermarry than any other group in Britain apart from Afro-Caribbeans. Half of children in Britain with an Afro-Caribbean parent have a white parent, usually a white working-class parent. No wonder that the white working class hardly voted for the BNP in the days when anyone did, i.e., before that party gave up the only reason why anyone ever did.

Past Labour Governments took action to arrest the importation of a new working class whose members understood no English except commands, knew nothing about workers’ rights in this country, could be deported if they stepped out of line, and, since they had no affinity with any particular locality here, could be moved around at will.

Past Labour Governments took action against the enforced bilingualism or multilingualism that transfers economic, social, cultural and political power to a bilingual or multilingual élite, to the exclusion of the English-speaking working class, black and white.

And the No2EU – Yes To Democracy list at the 2009 European Elections, completely ignored by the BNP-obsessed media, was headed both in the East Midlands and in Yorkshire and the Humber by leaders of the Lindsey oil refinery workers.

How do we vote for such candidates at this and subsequent General Elections? Certainly not by voting for almost any Labour, Conservative or Liberal Democrat candidate. Make alternative arrangements.

24 February 2010 at 14:50  

Yes, especially to your first points. If the BNP do well in Essex and nowhere else then we can conclude that the old analysis is correct and that the right only appeals to the lower middle class - that's what Essex fucking Man is by the way.

However, if they do well in the Lancashire mill tows like Blackburn then we have a new game that is being played and all bets are off.

25 February 2010 at 01:17  

It's going to be interesting!

25 February 2010 at 18:39  

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