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16 February 2010
BNP turfs Times' scab, Dominic Kennedy, out of meeting
To any half decent socialist it comes as a matter of shame that we have forgotten how to treat the gaffers' men. That said, credit where credit is due and well done the British National Party for turfing one of Rupert Murdoch's rancid scabs arse over tit out of a meeting and onto the street. The reason why the party took exception to Dominic Kennedy's presence need not concern us here - it matters only that for the first time in many, many years a lump of middle class shit was reminded of its place!

Dominic - and what a pretty name that is - was pleased to report that he offered "no resistance" to the BNP stewards' actions, which is a redundancy if ever there was one. Of course he didn't put up a fight - that would presuppose that Dominic had a pair and as we all know the middle class are folk who haven't got the balls to be workers nor the brass to be gaffers.

Dominic and his breed are only brave when surrounded by coppers, as they were during the Wapping Strike when characters like Dominic helped to put over 6,000 print workers on the cobbles. On their own they revert to type and whimper like the nesh cunts that they are.

Now why the fuck are the left not dealing with the Dominics of this country in such an engaging manner? Watch a video of the fun, you socialists, and be thoroughly ashamed:



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