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27 January 2010
The two faces of London
When I left home John Major was the Prime Minister and Neil Kinnock was Leader of the Opposition. I have been back many times since then, but this is the first time since I started the blog that I have been home for an extended period and able to view the country as it is now.

The first thing that struck me was just how wealthy some have become and how achingly poor the rest seem to be. Visiting a doctor's surgery in South London yesterday it was a new treat to see all the yummy-mummies as they are called these days. Well groomed, well fed, fussing over their pampered offspring in the three wheeled buggies that seem to be all the rage amongst people of this type. Someone told me that only the wealthy and benefit claimants can afford to have children in London these days. Looking at the stay at home yummie-mummies it is obvious which group they belong to.

Travelling south into Wandsworth and the picture is very different. Not just because the area is crawling with minorities of various hues, but because the poverty amongst our own people is so palpable. It is the pinched expression on the pasty, unhealthy faces of the shoppers in Primart and Poundland that struck me the most. Trying to live on minimum wage must be bad enough, but most of those people, I suspect are long term unemployed. That means that if they are single then the state pays them around £65.00 a week. It is enough to survive on, but not enough to live with any level of decency.

One day the pinched, pasty faced people are going to realise that they are poor because the yummie-mummies are rich. Then they will start to scream and only then, when the fuckers are frightened, will things change.



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