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19 January 2010
Tories plan to turn teaching into a real profession
Here's an amazing thing: a Tory policy that we at The Exile can agree with. David Cameron has pledged to "end the current system where people with third class degrees can get taxpayers' money to enter postgraduate teacher training." And so say all of us, choruses Team Exile. All that is needed is a pledge to cease recognising degrees handed out by the scratty old polys that were allowed to bastardise the name university after 1992.

Let's face it, any working class person who wishes to go to university is almost certain to be able to get into a Russell Group institution via that outfit's mature entry access scheme. Most such establishments are only too keen to broaden their social base by admitting some people from the local council estates.

It is the middle class with their crap A-Levels who infest the old polys. Then they go on to join the ranks of the teachers, social workers and other assorted lowlifes, because a local government sinecure is about all that these knuckle-draggers can realistically hope for. That doesn't stop them whining about how they deserve to be treated like true professionals, instead of the pathetic little wannabes that they actually are, so the Cameron pledge to do these losers over is just a good in itself, and galling though it is to write, here is a Tory policy that we can support.



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