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08 January 2010
Sexy Eastern European girls in uniform
Say what you like about our eastern European friends, they not only know how to breed tasty talent, but they get them to dress the part as these Polish darlings show. Even in uniform they look as if they are marching off to the bedroom - long hair, short skirts and high heels - what more could any normal man want?

Then we get shots like this. . . It's the submissive aspect that Team Exile finds most appealing. The kneeling, wearing tight skirts and high heels, before the man wielding the cane. If ceremonies like this did not exist they would have to be invented, its absolutely wonderful.

It is not just the Poles who are into keeping their women fit and ready for action - if you don't believe me just take a butcher's at this Czech soldierette. Just click the photo to increase it to full size and try not to drool.

As you make your way home from work today past the dreary lines of overweight, dog-rough females who seem to infest England like the plague, just consider that if policewomen and soldiers are this tasty in Eastern Europe, then what is the rest of the female population like?

Gives this old Exile a blue veiner just thinking about things like that.



Wow! Just wow indeed! Tasty, tasty tottie.

8 January 2010 at 17:56  

Where do you get these photos from? You post hilarious stuff like this and when I search the web I can hardly find anything original like it.

10 January 2010 at 23:37  

I have been blogging for over four years and folk know my sense of humour and send things in that tickles my funny bone.

Thanks for the kind words, from both of you, by the way. I do my best to please...

12 January 2010 at 00:33  

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