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06 January 2010
Over ten percent of Britain's population are foreigners
Over ten percent of the British population are foreigners, or foreign born. The government is trying to spin away this latest bit of unwelcome news by claiming that many immigrants from Eastern Europe have now gone home, something which may very well be true, but something which is also not the point.

Just after the Second World War the northern English mill towns saw an influx of Poles, Ukrainians and Germans, all of whom left a genetic legacy in the towns along with some funny foreign surnames, but very little else. The same cannot be said now as the video which we ran yesterday and which was shot on the streets of Wembley in London shows. It is highly unlikely that those third world types are going anywhere, since no matter how bad it may be living on the social in England it has got to be better than life in some flea-blown shithole.

Not only that but those same types are the ones least likely to marry a British girl and then add to the genetic mix. More likely once they are settled in with their nice new British passport they will bring in a cousin to marry. There is a word to describe this trend and that word is colonisation. Large parts of our country are being colonised and we, the victims of this act, are sleepwalking into disaster.



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