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08 January 2010
Middle Class White Flight

The BBC made a documentary early last year in which they investigated the parallel lives that the English and Pakistani communities in Blackburn live. You can watch part one here, and this is a link to part two, but it is part three that this posting is concerned with. Take the above clip from the 3:50 mark up to 4:35 and then ask yourself the question, why are the middle class such gutless shits?

Consider the bloke sweating as he dissembles nervously in a rather amusing attempt to explain why he is selling up and shipping out. The man is obviously a middle class type, you can tell that from his accent, and like most types he wants to have his cake and eat it. He doesn't want to live surrounded by the Pakistanis who are moving into his area but he doesn't want to admit that because to do so would put him on a par with the nasty working class. So he waffles about his daughter and uses words like "appropriate" as often as possible: the overall effect is to make him sound like a typically deranged social worker trying to explain away his most recent balls-up.

Yes, it's a good laugh listening to a type get caught on the hop, but your friendly old Exile has more respect for a skinheaded paki-basher than he ever will for any rancid type.



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