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18 January 2010
Labour's latest u-turn: now it wants middle class votes
Last week we reported that Nu-Labour was planning to tax the middle class, obviously as a way to dupe working people into returning to the fold. We argued that it was all too little and too late, but we need not have bothered because the party has made yet another u-turn and is now saying that it wants middle class votes after all. "We have governed as New Labour and now we will campaign as New Labour," said Gordon Brown, our very own Prime Mentalist.

With a pledge to create "more middle class jobs than ever before," he rammed home the message that his party represents the arsewipe element in our country. Why has he done this? Probably because Lord Mandelbum helped head off the recent coup attempt and this is his payback: Nu-Labour remains the party of scum and its traditional voters can pull their foreskins over their heads and then wank themselves to death as far as it is concerned.

All this is predicated on the notion that working class people have no other party that they can call home. This is bollocks of the highest order - the British National Party is waiting in the wings and is presenting itself as the Labour Party that people's grandfathers voted for. It may be nonsense, but that is not the point: since none of the other parties even pretends to speak for us, the BNP's appeal is not hard to fathom.

This blog predicts that the BNP will do better than anyone can imagine at the next election.



Herbert Morrison professed never to have seen any conflict "between Labour and what are known as the middle classes". Aneurin Bevan denounced class war, calling instead for "a platform broad enough for all to stand upon" and for the making of "war upon a system, not upon a class". Both served under Clement Attlee (Haileybury, Oxford, the Bar and the Officer Corps), who was succeeded by Hugh Gaitskell (Winchester and Oxford).

Harold Wilson was a Fellow of an Oxford college, and the son of a chemist and a schoolteacher. Jim Callaghan was a tax inspector. Michael Foot's public school may have been the Quakers' Leighton Park, but it was still a public school, which duly sent him to Oxford; he and his brothers indicated just how far the sons of a provincial solicitor could climb if they were sent to the "right" schools. Neil Kinnock's father may have been a miner, but he himself was a lecturer. John Smith was a QC. We all know about Tony Blair and Gordon Brown.

And why not? The median household income in this country is £23,000. That is the middle. Ninety-three per cent of children attend state schools, and every business is dependent on them, as it is to some extent on the public transport used by everyone from time to time, and on the National Health Service, whose ambulance would take to its hospital anyone who had collapsed in the street with a heart attack, insurance or no insurance. Indeed, hardly anyone has private health insurance, and a large proportion of those who do, have it through their trade unions. And so on.

In the present state of affairs, extremely few are those who could do without their Child Benefit, or their tax credits, or their state pensions, or their winter fuel payments, or their free bus travel, or their free prescriptions, or their free eye and dental treatment, or their free television licenses. On the bus travel, on the prescriptions, and on the eye and dental treatment, the question is of why anyone should have to pay for them upfront, as it is of why anyone should have to pay upfront for hospital parking, or for undergraduate tuition, or for long term care in old age, when this does not apply in certain parts of the United Kingdom.

Which brings us back to Morrison's principle that all parts of the Kingdom should benefit equally from social democracy. And to the fiercely Unionist Bevan, with his platform broad enough for all to stand upon.

Meanwhile, enough of this fantasy that BNP voters are ex-Labour. The BNP's support comes from where Fascist support has always come from: people who sees themselves as a cut above their chavvy neighbours; in British terms, Tories in Labour areas. The Glasgow North East proved that once and for all. But everyone already knew it, anyway. If the BNP has any working-class, or at least any self-identifyingly working-class, following worth speaking of, then it is the only Fascist party ever to have had one. But those saying so no doubt define anyone less posh than David Cameron as working-class. Likewise, they assume that Labour could ordinarily expect every vote cast in Barking & Dagenham, or the whole of Yorkshire, or the whole of the North West, or Glasgow North East.

In that last, the Labour vote held up sufficiently to keep the seat, while the BNP, from a standing start, came almost level with the Tories. Just how much more proof do people need as to where BNP support comes from? Entirely in line with the history of Fascist movements for as long as there have been Fascist movements.

18 January 2010 at 15:45  

I predict 2 BNP seats minimum in 2010.

I think if the middle classes believe Labour now, then they deserve everything that will be taken away from them.

Seriously if Gordon wins, it'll be as rigged as the Iranian or Afghan elections were.

20 January 2010 at 14:57  

My guess, and it is nothing more than that, is that the BNP will do well in Essex. If it is just that county then David is right. However, if they do well in the northern mill town then all bets are off.

21 January 2010 at 13:48  

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