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12 January 2010
How should Wootton Bassett respond to this provocation?
The Islam4UK group claims to have cancelled its planned march through Wootton Bassett, the town that turns out to pay tribute to every dead soldier brought home from the Fourth Afghan War. The English Defence League doesn't believe them and thousands of its members are reported to be converging on the town to protest if the march takes place. The British National Party seems to be stirring the pot and heaven knows what will happen if the Muslim group does decide to play silly buggers. So how should British people respond to actions like this?

In 1871 the Prussian army held a triumphal parade in Paris to mark its sweeping victory over the French. The majority of city's people went about their normal daily routine and completely ignored the stamping jackboots. However, a large group of women walked behind the march carrying buckets of water and mops. They threw the water over the streets and then used their mops to symbolically clean their city's streets of that alien horde's stench.

The Islam4UK group wants to get a reaction from Wootton Bassett, and they should have one, just not the one that they desire. Let the women of the town turn out with their mops and buckets to clean their streets just as the Parisian women did all those years ago.



How about allowing the march but have the anti Islam4UK people in front strewing the road with rashers of bacon?

16 January 2010 at 15:42  

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