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07 January 2010
Gimlet Kamm and yet another dodgy document
The Times ran a piece based upon an alleged Iranian secret document which seemed to show that the country was pursuing a nuclear weapons strategy. Gimlet Kamm was then turned loose like some deranged Kind Charles Spaniel to talk up the document's authenticity and to rubbish anyone who questioned it.

So there he is, throwing caution to the wind, and telling all his punters that the document is genuine. The problem is that the little fool also undermines his own case when a commentator argues that the document doesn't look authentic by saying that of course it is a redaction of the original. Yes, Gimlet, but at no point in the original Times piece was that claimed, so that argument looks a bit lame to say the least. Furthermore, and as Gareth Porter makes clear in his demolition of the document's credibility, redacting it to protect the source makes no sense since the Iranians obviously have the original, if it exists, and the Times could have published their version with the copy number blacked out. Gimlet's other claim, that the document contains "sensitive information" also makes no sense since presumably the Iranians already have that information, if the document is really genuine that is.

Why was Gimlet chosen as mug of the month? Probably because none of the heavyweights wanted to go near this latest bit of dodgy dossier work, and Gimlet needs to shake of the image of buffoonery that has hung to him ever since he was egged on to write that Iran was working on nuclear weapons on the very day that the Americans decided that they weren't. To be fair the diminutive one does have previous form when it comes to being made to look a right tit: his three years at Oxford consisted of one humiliation after another, but he never seems to learn.

Justin Raimundo calls it the Kamm Scam, but your friendly old Exile reckons that this is giving the short-arsed little cockroach that is Oliver Gimlet Kamm far too much credit for brightness. Actually, it all looks entertainingly like yet another fine mess that Ollie has walked into, eyes wide open and dick in hand.



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