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15 January 2010
BNP voters suffer from "personality disorder" says academic
BNP: British National Party, an extremist, racist party that appeals largely to people with personality disorders. Whether it should be described as a left or right-wing movement has excited considerable debate.
You may find it hard to believe, but the above load of old wank is to be found on pages 225 of Britain 1945-2007 by Michael Lynch and is repeated as part of the glossary on page 235. The work comes in the Access to History series and is aimed at A-level students.

We dealt with the type of political illiteracy which sees a link between socialism and fascism last year, so let's concentrate on the rest of this nonsense. Dismissing the people who object to third world wage cutters and housing queue jumpers as being little better than mongs is just not a good idea. It comes over as the whinge of a well-paid man who quite likes cheap plumbers and even cheaper nannies and who lives in a middle class area where house prices keep everything nice and white.

It could be that most BNP voters do suffer from a personality disorder, but the author hasn't proved that - all he has done is make an assertion to that effect. Given that the party has over a hundred councillors and two Members of the European Parliament, that suggests to your friendly old Exile that there should be tens of thousands of people with personality disorders out there. That being the case surely someone would have noticed by now?

The other alternative is that Michael Lynch is pillock who has let his prejudices overcome his analytical abilities, always assuming that he had any to begin with. The fact that these bovine comments passed the sub-editing process probably says more about academic publishing today than it does about the BNP or its voters.

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May I say, well spotted and well rebuked.

When people like that boil their opposition down to an insult, then you know they have no argument. Happily, the British National Party are gaining ground. People are waking to the sham of current politics, and I am in no doubt that once an individual is confident they have been fed lies by the Liberal elite, then there is no turning back for them.

Any rational minded person can surely see, that unless a person really does have a personality disorder, then they are highly unlikely to self-induce themselves back into a coma once they enter real life again. It must be very difficult for some to come out of the LibLabCon trance, but it will happen eventually as more people communicate around the world with each other and see that it isn't just Britain suffering from sham politics.

Good luck, and carry on with your research!

16 January 2010 at 11:29  

Thanks for the kind words and welcome to the funhouse. I am no fan of the BNP, but this item reminds me of a ripe fart: I don't know whether to laugh or hold my nose in disgust.

16 January 2010 at 14:25  

I would say that about those that vote Labour, if they are not working for a QUANGO or another form of government job & are white working class.
I mean what would the Labour party do for such people?

16 January 2010 at 15:51  

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