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07 January 2010
Are white people fleeing London?

Is white flight the latest British import from the USA? This carefully worded television report suggests that it is, and it goes on to quote the Greater London Authority's own figures which posit a forty percent non-white population by the year 2016.

However, it is interesting that the borough that was chosen to illustrate the report was Barking and Dagenham, which is one of the last working class bastions in the capital. In other words, what seems to be happening is not white flight per se, but white working class flight.

Many areas of London have been colonised by the middle class and are as lily white as it is possible to get. Putney springs to mind as an almost entirely white middle class district; yet if a person travels down the Lower Richmond Road into old working class Wandsworth then he will feel that he has left England behind and entered into a third world souk.

What happened to the Wandsworth working class, amongst whose number we should count my mother's paternal family? Most probably took the option that the Labour government of the 1960s held out to them of a nice new house in one of the new towns such as Milton Keynes that are to be found outside London's borders.

During more recent years the population decanted itself into Essex and the Medway towns. The people of those areas travel into London proper to work and then return to their distant townships in the evening. The analogy with the old South Africa is far from accurate, but it is close enough to make this writer feel uncomfortable.

From the point of view of the middle class all this is fine: the nasty proles have been moved beyond the M25 motorway and lots of cheap, non-unionised labour has been brought in to replace them. Since the middle class is noted for its sanctimonious self-righteous gittery, its members can pat themselves on the back and tell each other how tolerant they are, before they return every evening to their nice, safe districts where the high price of houses keep the blacks out. As for the remaining working class people in their last districts, well, they are all racists, anyway, so they probably deserve to have their wages undercut, the sons stabbed and their daughters abused.

With each year that passes, England becomes more and more loathsome.



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