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29 January 2010
Weekending: tit opener

Come on men, who needs a bottle opener when you have a girl like this around?


28 January 2010
Upskirt bride!
OK, a nice bride flashing a very nice upskirt for your viewing pleasure. Now how in the name of God's left bollock did she fall for that ugly fucker? Seriously, just look at the honk on him - come on, have you ever seen the like? You can't fool this old Exile - you just want to stick the nut on that conk I can tell. So how did he manage to grab such a tasty bit of talent you ask?

Money! That's the answer - he has more of it than you do. It's true - in every contest between big fat dicks and big fat wallets, the wallets win every time. A bloke in a pub told me.

This is just another cross that we northern men have to carry. . .


Meet James Bethell, the 5th Baron Bethell

This is too rich for words - just watch the video at the 1.15 mark and see the 5th Lord Bethell swallow hard - you would think that he was back at public school taking the head boy's cock in his mouth the way his throat muscles go to work.

Of course the 5th Lord Bethell doesn't like to be called the 5th Lord Bethell - he prefers to be known as plain James Bethell. That is because he is the founder of Nothing British about the BNP and likes to pretend that he is just an "ordinary working" person. As we demonstrated in that earlier posting, Lord Bethell was one of Murdoch's arse licking scabs who helped put 6,000 printers out of work during the Wapping Strike. Now it turns out that he is a belted baron as well. A titled bum sucker: no wonder the rancid little cunt wants to keep his true identity a secret.


27 January 2010
The two faces of London
When I left home John Major was the Prime Minister and Neil Kinnock was Leader of the Opposition. I have been back many times since then, but this is the first time since I started the blog that I have been home for an extended period and able to view the country as it is now.

The first thing that struck me was just how wealthy some have become and how achingly poor the rest seem to be. Visiting a doctor's surgery in South London yesterday it was a new treat to see all the yummy-mummies as they are called these days. Well groomed, well fed, fussing over their pampered offspring in the three wheeled buggies that seem to be all the rage amongst people of this type. Someone told me that only the wealthy and benefit claimants can afford to have children in London these days. Looking at the stay at home yummie-mummies it is obvious which group they belong to.

Travelling south into Wandsworth and the picture is very different. Not just because the area is crawling with minorities of various hues, but because the poverty amongst our own people is so palpable. It is the pinched expression on the pasty, unhealthy faces of the shoppers in Primart and Poundland that struck me the most. Trying to live on minimum wage must be bad enough, but most of those people, I suspect are long term unemployed. That means that if they are single then the state pays them around £65.00 a week. It is enough to survive on, but not enough to live with any level of decency.

One day the pinched, pasty faced people are going to realise that they are poor because the yummie-mummies are rich. Then they will start to scream and only then, when the fuckers are frightened, will things change.


26 January 2010
Mobile ring tones anyone?
A mate lives in a first-floor flat and the girl downstairs receives visits from her boyfriend every time that the good fellow is nursing a blue veiner. As her knobbing increases the girl cries out and my mate reckons that the incredibly loud shrieks are worth recording so that he can have them as the ring tone on his mobile.

Anyone care to recommend a good digital recorder that will do the job? Maybe an editing programme so that he can loop the girl's cries and make the final product rather more professional?

Come on you men - Team Exile is relying on your hi-tec knowledge and sense of sleazy fun.


Venezuela continues to do over capitalism
The Venezuelan government continues to give lessons to the rest of us in how to deal with capitalism. The Exito chain of supermarkets decided to ignore the government's warning not to raise prices and their nationalisation was announced by President Hugo Chavez Frias over the weekend. To make matters even sweeter the RCTV channel has been forced off the air for refusing to obey the government's new broadcasting laws.

These moves demonstrate just how weak capitalism is when faced with a determined socialist government. The owners of the supermarket chain and the TV station will howl, but at the end of the day their is only going to be one winner in this pissing contest and it isn't going to be them.

On the other hand, the mere fact that such insolence could occur in Venezuela shows that unless capitalism is firmly corralled then incidents like this will happen. Hopefully the message will go out to the remaining dog shit element in that country: toe the line or face the consequences.
25 January 2010
A lesson in British politics today
Some details in this tale have been changed to protect the guilty. . .

It came to pass during the last general election that one of the three main parties chose as its candidate a decent soul who was married with children. In the fullness of time an election address was produced, which showed the candidate with his lovely wife, standing statesmanlike with his party leader, meeting members of the public with a look of earnest concern on his face. Trust your friendly old Exile when he says that you would have been impressed with the production, certainly the party members were when the glossy pages arrived from the printer's shop. Then one of the sharper knives in the party's drawer uttered the immortal line:

"Hang on, there's no fucking niggers in this thing!"

The members frantically leafed through the epistle and realised that the speaker had told the simple truth: not a single face had been touched with the tar brush. In vain did one woman point out that the constituency didn't actually have all that many ethnic types. It didn't matter, because nobody wanted their party to be accused of the dread crime of racism.

So the whole thing had to be pulped and the revised edition showed the candidate with his wife, his party leader and sundry members of the public, several of whom were of a dusky hue. The fact that none of them actually lived in the constituency and had been recruited through a modelling agency was quietly overlooked. The terrible charge of racism had been averted.

You friendly old Exile does not know whether to laugh or cry at this point.

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22 January 2010
Weekending: fart light a candle

How to light a candle with just a lighter and your arse gas.


21 January 2010
Gillian Cooke & a bob-sleigh rear up.

Delighted male viewers probably thought that bob-sleigher Gillian Cooke was taking the piste on Monday when her strides spilt wide open to reveal a rump big enough the park a bike on.

The clip is now an internet sensation and is being remixed by all and sundry. Sorry, love, but it serves you right for eating all that Christmas pud.


Rod Liddle for editor of the Independent!
Do we at Team Exile really give a stuff if Rod Liddle becomes editor of the Independent or not? David Lindsay does and he persuaded this and some other blogs to support his campaign to get Liddle appointed to the Indie's top job. This we did largely to keep Lindsay quiet as when he gets an idea in his head there is no shutting him up. However, it is now emerging that Liddle's appointment would annoy all the right people, so let's hear it for Rod.

So disturbed are the ideologically pure at heart that Will Straw, Jack's drug dealing offspring, has decided to try and smear Rod as an anti-Semite. Reading the post it is obvious that the blog's punters aren't wearing that one, but the smear is in and will no doubt be picked up by the metropolitan wankerati.

To make matters even nicer there are reports that Diane Abbott may put down an Early Day Motion in the House of Commons denouncing any move that would see Rod Liddle in the editor's chair.

It is all just too sweet for words. The wankerati are tugging themselves into a frenzy so let's hope that Liddle gets the job if only for the entertainment value alone.


20 January 2010
America is "occupying Haiti"
"This is about helping Haiti, not occupying Haiti," said Alain Joyandet, the French minister in charge of relief to the country, as he called upon the UN to "clarify" the American role in the country. Medecins Sans Frontiers also stepped in and said that lives were being put at risk because the USA had taken over Haiti's air traffic control system and were only allowing American aircraft to land.

Haitians themselves have already started voicing their disquiet at America's presence in their country, especially the decision to occupy the presidential palace, a clear affront to the country and its people.

As American troops patrol the streets of the capital Port-au-Prince, sooner or later an incident will occur and those heavily armed troops will open fire on a Haitian crowd. Young men will then grab any weapon that they can find and start to take pot shots at the Americans. The troops will respond and the situation will quickly spiral out of anyone's control.

It really is only a matter of time.


19 January 2010
Let's hear it for the Lingerie Football League!

She looks like she knows how to hold a ball, so let's check out the LFL. In case you don't know that's the Lingerie Football League, with teams of fit young things who play a seven-a-side version of American football in their skimpiest underwear. Not to worry, though, because the girls are well padded - just look at those tight ends:

The LFL has its very own website and on-line shop where you can buy all sorts of goodies, including match worn uniforms from such gloriously named teams as the Dallas Desire and the Miami Caliente.


Tories plan to turn teaching into a real profession
Here's an amazing thing: a Tory policy that we at The Exile can agree with. David Cameron has pledged to "end the current system where people with third class degrees can get taxpayers' money to enter postgraduate teacher training." And so say all of us, choruses Team Exile. All that is needed is a pledge to cease recognising degrees handed out by the scratty old polys that were allowed to bastardise the name university after 1992.

Let's face it, any working class person who wishes to go to university is almost certain to be able to get into a Russell Group institution via that outfit's mature entry access scheme. Most such establishments are only too keen to broaden their social base by admitting some people from the local council estates.

It is the middle class with their crap A-Levels who infest the old polys. Then they go on to join the ranks of the teachers, social workers and other assorted lowlifes, because a local government sinecure is about all that these knuckle-draggers can realistically hope for. That doesn't stop them whining about how they deserve to be treated like true professionals, instead of the pathetic little wannabes that they actually are, so the Cameron pledge to do these losers over is just a good in itself, and galling though it is to write, here is a Tory policy that we can support.


18 January 2010
World Cup anti-stab vests
Are you planning to visit South Africa for the World Cup finals later this year? Got your passport, stadia tickets and hotel reservations? What about your anti-stab vest?

Yes, you heard that right - a South African company is selling anti-stab vests and for just U.S.$2.00 more you can even get your national flag emblazoned upon your very own piece of body armour. In a country where one person is murdered every twenty minutes this looks like a good buy indeed if you are committed enough to follow your team over there.

You can pick up your vest at Jan Smuts Airport in Johannesburg, or the company will deliver it to your hotel. Deep fried Mars Bar munchers are advised by their friendly old Exile not to bother looking for their national flag on the site as fucking Scotland failed to qualify yet again.


Labour's latest u-turn: now it wants middle class votes
Last week we reported that Nu-Labour was planning to tax the middle class, obviously as a way to dupe working people into returning to the fold. We argued that it was all too little and too late, but we need not have bothered because the party has made yet another u-turn and is now saying that it wants middle class votes after all. "We have governed as New Labour and now we will campaign as New Labour," said Gordon Brown, our very own Prime Mentalist.

With a pledge to create "more middle class jobs than ever before," he rammed home the message that his party represents the arsewipe element in our country. Why has he done this? Probably because Lord Mandelbum helped head off the recent coup attempt and this is his payback: Nu-Labour remains the party of scum and its traditional voters can pull their foreskins over their heads and then wank themselves to death as far as it is concerned.

All this is predicated on the notion that working class people have no other party that they can call home. This is bollocks of the highest order - the British National Party is waiting in the wings and is presenting itself as the Labour Party that people's grandfathers voted for. It may be nonsense, but that is not the point: since none of the other parties even pretends to speak for us, the BNP's appeal is not hard to fathom.

This blog predicts that the BNP will do better than anyone can imagine at the next election.


16 January 2010
Weekending: Upskirts at the zoo

Candid camera upskirts in the snakehouse at a zoo. Could anyone make this up?

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15 January 2010
BNP voters suffer from "personality disorder" says academic
BNP: British National Party, an extremist, racist party that appeals largely to people with personality disorders. Whether it should be described as a left or right-wing movement has excited considerable debate.
You may find it hard to believe, but the above load of old wank is to be found on pages 225 of Britain 1945-2007 by Michael Lynch and is repeated as part of the glossary on page 235. The work comes in the Access to History series and is aimed at A-level students.

We dealt with the type of political illiteracy which sees a link between socialism and fascism last year, so let's concentrate on the rest of this nonsense. Dismissing the people who object to third world wage cutters and housing queue jumpers as being little better than mongs is just not a good idea. It comes over as the whinge of a well-paid man who quite likes cheap plumbers and even cheaper nannies and who lives in a middle class area where house prices keep everything nice and white.

It could be that most BNP voters do suffer from a personality disorder, but the author hasn't proved that - all he has done is make an assertion to that effect. Given that the party has over a hundred councillors and two Members of the European Parliament, that suggests to your friendly old Exile that there should be tens of thousands of people with personality disorders out there. That being the case surely someone would have noticed by now?

The other alternative is that Michael Lynch is pillock who has let his prejudices overcome his analytical abilities, always assuming that he had any to begin with. The fact that these bovine comments passed the sub-editing process probably says more about academic publishing today than it does about the BNP or its voters.

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Why is Britain frozen up?
Why are large parts of Britain impassable due to snow and ice, with supplies of salt and grit seemingly due to run out? That question seems doubly ridiculous to anyone who remembers the winter of 1962-63 which saw most of the country under snow from December to March. The roads remained open and the trains continued to run, so what is the problem now?

Almost fifty years ago the main roads were kept open by an army of men with shovels who scooped up the snow and dumped it into lorries. The side roads remained passable because those same men shovelled up the snow and piled it on the sides of the pavements. This created a passageway down every street which vehicles could use, and piles of snow that six year old boys, such as your friendly old Exile was at the time, could use to play with on their sledges.

However, those men were employed by the direct works' department that every council had, and thanks to the Tories hardly any council has such a department, as they are forced to put out their works to private tender. Thus the army of labourers who could be redeployed from tarmacking roads to shovelling snow off them just don't exist these days.

Not only that but the councils these days operate a system of just in time which is supposed to obviate the need to keep large stockpiles on hand. The idea is that capitalism is so efficient that new supplies can be ordered at the right moment and they will arrive just as the old stock runs out. It is a wonderful idea, spoiled only by the fact that it is utter bollocks. Councils kept six days worth of salt on hand, they were offered extra stock at knock-down prices over the summer and they refused the offer. They wanted to pander to their middle class voters and keep the council taxes down by using the false economy that just in time offers, but all that they have done is to make a bad situation worse.

Corporate planning works and that is why all governments used it before 1979. It provides thousands of unskilled and semi-skilled jobs - exactly the type of bastard work that our people want to do - and it ensures that the system runs more or less smoothly. When it snow then the buses continue to run, the roads get cleared and the economy continues to function.

Why did we ever abandon it?


14 January 2010
The advantage of a walking stick
Here's an interesting thing, if you use a walking stick you become a nice old cove that people want to help. Struggle without one and those same people look at you as if you were the village idiot who might start to dribble all over them at any moment. Strange but true...

Regular readers will know that my health is pretty lousy and that my legs are fairly dodgy. I have been in England for just over a week and a friend drove to London to take me over to his place in Essex for a few days. Eating curry that evening I needed the help of both a waiter and my friend to stand before I could hobble out of the eatery. The glances that came my way from Essex's finest are memories that I will treasure for the rest of my life as examples of inbred primitivism at its best. I am convinced that they had in in their minds that I was going to piss into their chicken curry or something.

A few days later I was presented with a walking stick by another old friend. Now instead of looking at me as if I might molest their kids, parents happily send their offspring over to hold doors open for me. Old people chat about my ailments and tell me more than I ever really wanted to know about their aches and pains. Everyone in general gives me sympathetic looks and is patient as I struggle to leave a shop or get to my feet after drinking coffee in the local Starbucks.

So what is the moral of this little tale? Well, get yourself a walking stick if you have a problem with your legs, otherwise people will think that you have something wrong between your ears. Don't ask me to explain why this is so, but trust me when I say that it is.
13 January 2010
On the banning of Islam4UK
The government has responded to the furore that Islam4UK has created by banning the group under anti-terrorism laws. Obviously the regime wants to pander to those nasty new voters that they picked up in 1997 who live in the nastier suburbs, but for the rest of us it is time to remember that freedom of speech exists to defend the people we loath, not the folk we love and agree with.


12 January 2010
How should Wootton Bassett respond to this provocation?
The Islam4UK group claims to have cancelled its planned march through Wootton Bassett, the town that turns out to pay tribute to every dead soldier brought home from the Fourth Afghan War. The English Defence League doesn't believe them and thousands of its members are reported to be converging on the town to protest if the march takes place. The British National Party seems to be stirring the pot and heaven knows what will happen if the Muslim group does decide to play silly buggers. So how should British people respond to actions like this?

In 1871 the Prussian army held a triumphal parade in Paris to mark its sweeping victory over the French. The majority of city's people went about their normal daily routine and completely ignored the stamping jackboots. However, a large group of women walked behind the march carrying buckets of water and mops. They threw the water over the streets and then used their mops to symbolically clean their city's streets of that alien horde's stench.

The Islam4UK group wants to get a reaction from Wootton Bassett, and they should have one, just not the one that they desire. Let the women of the town turn out with their mops and buckets to clean their streets just as the Parisian women did all those years ago.


Labour promises to tax the middle class
Over a decade too late the Nu-Labour regime has unveiled plans to make the middle class pay more tax. Had they done this in 1997 then it would have been welcomed by most Labour voters as a sign that the party was back and that revenge was in the air. Now it just comes over as a ploy to dupe the gullible into thinking that the old Labour Party is back. It isn't and nothing will change before the election. What evidence do we have that these policies will even be put in place following a Labour victory? Given the way that the party has pandered to middle class scum the answer must be not much.

Sorry, Nu-Labour, but you are on your own.


Six million Americans only have food stamps to rely on
Roughly six million Americans - that's about one in fifty of the population - now live in a family that relies only on food stamps with no income reported, says a New York Times report. Obviously the key here is the reporting bit since it is odds on that most are probably earning an under the counter buttie or two. Nevertheless, a population slightly larger than that of Scotland now relies on food stamps to survive, and that is an amazing thought.

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11 January 2010
Gimlet Kamm's latest brain fart
We shoudn't do this because laughing at mongish types is just too easy. However since that laugh involves Oliver Gimlet Kamm and yet another bout of sanctimonious self-righteous gittery mixed in with stupidity, then we put aside our qualms and start with the guffaws.

The gittery involves the claim that the likes of Dusty bin Liner and his towel-headed followers "won't leave us alone . . . so we might as well make it our business to inflict such a crushing military defeat on them that they never get up again."

Ignoring the fact that when Gimlet says "we" what he really means is anyone other than his shortarsed self, the stupidity then kicks in as Gimlet undermines his own case with a quote from old Dusty who claimed that killing Americans was a damned good idea in order "to liberate the al-Aqsa mosque and the holy mosque [Mecca] from their grip, and in order for their armies to move out of all the lands of Islam, defeated and unable to threaten any Muslim..."

Got that? The silly little sod claimed that Islamic fighters were after us because of who we are, not what we do, and then he quotes America's chief tormentor saying exactly the opposite. If the retards of this world had a president then Gimlet would be front runner to take the job he really fucking would.

Various of his commentators then pointed this simple lack of reading comprehension out to him, so little Gimlet then did what he always does when embarrassed, he posted a very long, balls-achingly boring piece in the hope that no bugger would scroll past it to see his latest fuck up.

Sorry, Gimlet, but we at Team Exile never knowingly miss an opportunity to laugh at a prime spaz such as your little self.


09 January 2010
Weekending: Party Time

Everyone who watches this video pisses themselves laughing.


08 January 2010
Sexy Eastern European girls in uniform
Say what you like about our eastern European friends, they not only know how to breed tasty talent, but they get them to dress the part as these Polish darlings show. Even in uniform they look as if they are marching off to the bedroom - long hair, short skirts and high heels - what more could any normal man want?

Then we get shots like this. . . It's the submissive aspect that Team Exile finds most appealing. The kneeling, wearing tight skirts and high heels, before the man wielding the cane. If ceremonies like this did not exist they would have to be invented, its absolutely wonderful.

It is not just the Poles who are into keeping their women fit and ready for action - if you don't believe me just take a butcher's at this Czech soldierette. Just click the photo to increase it to full size and try not to drool.

As you make your way home from work today past the dreary lines of overweight, dog-rough females who seem to infest England like the plague, just consider that if policewomen and soldiers are this tasty in Eastern Europe, then what is the rest of the female population like?

Gives this old Exile a blue veiner just thinking about things like that.


Middle Class White Flight

The BBC made a documentary early last year in which they investigated the parallel lives that the English and Pakistani communities in Blackburn live. You can watch part one here, and this is a link to part two, but it is part three that this posting is concerned with. Take the above clip from the 3:50 mark up to 4:35 and then ask yourself the question, why are the middle class such gutless shits?

Consider the bloke sweating as he dissembles nervously in a rather amusing attempt to explain why he is selling up and shipping out. The man is obviously a middle class type, you can tell that from his accent, and like most types he wants to have his cake and eat it. He doesn't want to live surrounded by the Pakistanis who are moving into his area but he doesn't want to admit that because to do so would put him on a par with the nasty working class. So he waffles about his daughter and uses words like "appropriate" as often as possible: the overall effect is to make him sound like a typically deranged social worker trying to explain away his most recent balls-up.

Yes, it's a good laugh listening to a type get caught on the hop, but your friendly old Exile has more respect for a skinheaded paki-basher than he ever will for any rancid type.


07 January 2010
Merry Christmas yet again!
A very merry Christmas to all our Orthodox readers, especially those of you from gallant Serbia.

Gimlet Kamm and yet another dodgy document
The Times ran a piece based upon an alleged Iranian secret document which seemed to show that the country was pursuing a nuclear weapons strategy. Gimlet Kamm was then turned loose like some deranged Kind Charles Spaniel to talk up the document's authenticity and to rubbish anyone who questioned it.

So there he is, throwing caution to the wind, and telling all his punters that the document is genuine. The problem is that the little fool also undermines his own case when a commentator argues that the document doesn't look authentic by saying that of course it is a redaction of the original. Yes, Gimlet, but at no point in the original Times piece was that claimed, so that argument looks a bit lame to say the least. Furthermore, and as Gareth Porter makes clear in his demolition of the document's credibility, redacting it to protect the source makes no sense since the Iranians obviously have the original, if it exists, and the Times could have published their version with the copy number blacked out. Gimlet's other claim, that the document contains "sensitive information" also makes no sense since presumably the Iranians already have that information, if the document is really genuine that is.

Why was Gimlet chosen as mug of the month? Probably because none of the heavyweights wanted to go near this latest bit of dodgy dossier work, and Gimlet needs to shake of the image of buffoonery that has hung to him ever since he was egged on to write that Iran was working on nuclear weapons on the very day that the Americans decided that they weren't. To be fair the diminutive one does have previous form when it comes to being made to look a right tit: his three years at Oxford consisted of one humiliation after another, but he never seems to learn.

Justin Raimundo calls it the Kamm Scam, but your friendly old Exile reckons that this is giving the short-arsed little cockroach that is Oliver Gimlet Kamm far too much credit for brightness. Actually, it all looks entertainingly like yet another fine mess that Ollie has walked into, eyes wide open and dick in hand.


Are white people fleeing London?

Is white flight the latest British import from the USA? This carefully worded television report suggests that it is, and it goes on to quote the Greater London Authority's own figures which posit a forty percent non-white population by the year 2016.

However, it is interesting that the borough that was chosen to illustrate the report was Barking and Dagenham, which is one of the last working class bastions in the capital. In other words, what seems to be happening is not white flight per se, but white working class flight.

Many areas of London have been colonised by the middle class and are as lily white as it is possible to get. Putney springs to mind as an almost entirely white middle class district; yet if a person travels down the Lower Richmond Road into old working class Wandsworth then he will feel that he has left England behind and entered into a third world souk.

What happened to the Wandsworth working class, amongst whose number we should count my mother's paternal family? Most probably took the option that the Labour government of the 1960s held out to them of a nice new house in one of the new towns such as Milton Keynes that are to be found outside London's borders.

During more recent years the population decanted itself into Essex and the Medway towns. The people of those areas travel into London proper to work and then return to their distant townships in the evening. The analogy with the old South Africa is far from accurate, but it is close enough to make this writer feel uncomfortable.

From the point of view of the middle class all this is fine: the nasty proles have been moved beyond the M25 motorway and lots of cheap, non-unionised labour has been brought in to replace them. Since the middle class is noted for its sanctimonious self-righteous gittery, its members can pat themselves on the back and tell each other how tolerant they are, before they return every evening to their nice, safe districts where the high price of houses keep the blacks out. As for the remaining working class people in their last districts, well, they are all racists, anyway, so they probably deserve to have their wages undercut, the sons stabbed and their daughters abused.

With each year that passes, England becomes more and more loathsome.


06 January 2010
London fares rise: Tories look set to sink
In October of last year we asked if the Tories were set to lose the next general election? Given their continued bouts of stupidity, the odds on that coming true seem to be shortening daily. London is their flagship and in the two years since Boris Johnson was elected as the city's mayor he has allowed public transport fares to rise by a third.

There may be a cunning strategy at work, here, but your friendly old Exile can't see it. The image that is being created is of an out-of-touch Tory Party that is led by the wealthy and which doesn't give a stuff for anyone else.


Over ten percent of Britain's population are foreigners
Over ten percent of the British population are foreigners, or foreign born. The government is trying to spin away this latest bit of unwelcome news by claiming that many immigrants from Eastern Europe have now gone home, something which may very well be true, but something which is also not the point.

Just after the Second World War the northern English mill towns saw an influx of Poles, Ukrainians and Germans, all of whom left a genetic legacy in the towns along with some funny foreign surnames, but very little else. The same cannot be said now as the video which we ran yesterday and which was shot on the streets of Wembley in London shows. It is highly unlikely that those third world types are going anywhere, since no matter how bad it may be living on the social in England it has got to be better than life in some flea-blown shithole.

Not only that but those same types are the ones least likely to marry a British girl and then add to the genetic mix. More likely once they are settled in with their nice new British passport they will bring in a cousin to marry. There is a word to describe this trend and that word is colonisation. Large parts of our country are being colonised and we, the victims of this act, are sleepwalking into disaster.


05 January 2010
The Michelle Obama monkey face photo
The Michelle Obama monkey photograph is making the headlines again as sites use it to improve their hits from Google - which is what your friendly old Exile is doing to be honest.

In a desperate attempt to justify this posting, we have to ask just how funny is the Michelle Obama ape image? It has certainly got the ideologically pure at heart in a flutter but do we find it in any way amusing?

No, is the answer, but we want to improve our stat-porn so that is as good a reason as any to run the Michelle Obama monkey face photo again.


A lament for London

When we think of Wembley we tend to think of England's national game, which is probably why the British National Party chose the district which surrounds the stadium to make this short video.

Watching this film the viewer instinctively starts to play a game of spot the white man. This is London, our country's capital city and yet we would be hard put to spot a single Englishman in the crowds that throng the streets of what was once a quintessentially London district. At first watching men walk around in their jim-jams is amusing, but then the laughter dries up as we realise just how many of these types now infest the city.

This video was uploaded to YouTube on the 1st November 2009. By the end of that month it had been watched over a 160,000 times.

This writer looks to the future with great unease. There is something on the horizon, the shape of which is not yet discernible, but which fills him with much dread.


04 January 2010
Labour allowed third world influx for electoral advantage
Back in October The Exile reported on how Andrew Neather had spilled the beans over Nu-Labour's scheme to turn Britain into a third world sewer, and we reported on the desperate attempts by the party's senior figures to deny the truth of that scheme. However, Neather's argument that it was about nothing more than rubbing "the right's nose in diversity" has always struck this writer as a bit dubious. Other factors had to be in play, and now they are beginning to emerge.

The Times reports that former Labour minister Chris Mullen's memoirs contain the information that the government has long been aware of "the rackets that surrounded arranged marriages," but lacks the nerve to do anything for fear of the charge of racism. More pertinently, at least twenty Labour seats "depend on Asian votes".

The Times piece concludes:
With up to 80% of ethnic minorities voting Labour, it is obvious that the more immigrants who get the right to vote, the greater is Labour’s electoral share. Perhaps Mullin has stumbled on a smoking gun.
Perhaps he has indeed.


02 January 2010
Weekending: Women Drivers

By all accounts this is a Rumanian advert. Buggered if I know what it is actually trying to sell, but it is seriously fucking funny.