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30 November 2009
Yoani Sanchez: raking it in the dissident way
Yoani Sanchez, the Cuban blogger who does America's bidding, is usually held up as a heroine by the right. However the Cuban people seem to have tired of the woman and her antics, with November becoming a bad month indeed for America's clients in the country. We reported recently that Sanchez had attempted to dupe the international media into believing that she had been attacked by government agents, but that the same media was dubious about the story. They were right to keep an open mind especially since the three doctors that she visited have gone on record as saying that she had no visible injuries.

In a desperate attempt to keep the tale alive, Sanchez's husband, Reinaldo Escobar, went to 23rd Street in Havana on the 20th November, to the spot where his wife was supposedly attacked the week before with the aim of challenging the police over the mythical incident. Unfortunately for him the street was alive with people attending a book fair and Escobar had to be rescued by the very police that he had gone to challenge, as this video shows. In case you are wondering, he is the old man with the long hair dyed black, wearing a light purple shirt, who looks about ready to shit his load at the 18 second mark on the video:

It is hard to understand why Sanchez needs to go to all this trouble since she is raking in thousands of pounds a year from her blog and the mugs who have been duped into supporting it by the powerful interests who back her.

As this Argentinian report shows, the Sanchez blog began in April 2007 and by October of that year Reuters had reported its existence. In December the Wall Street Journal devoted a whole page to the news and the following month the Spanish daily el Pais got in on the act with a plug of its own. In April 2008, just a year after the blog began its life, Sanchez won the Spanish Ortega y Gasset prize, which comes with a €15,000 award, and in October of 2009 she won the Maria Moors Cabot Prize from Colombia University which carries a very nice $15,000 along with it. It is hard to think of any other blogger anywhere in the world who has been given the amount of free publicity, to say nothing of bucket loads of cash, that this one has received.

By all accounts the takings are funnelled into a Valencia branch of the Bilbao Vizcaya bank, which has the advantage of keeping her earnings out of the clutches of the Americans who obviously would not wish their blockade of Cuba to be broken in any way - would they?

Actually the Americans don't seem to be all that bothered about Yoani Sanchez and her lucrative activities. The blog contains a PayPal button that her dupes can use to donate money to her and there has never been any suggestion that the American government has tried to stop PayPal from shovelling the brass Yoani's way. To put that into perspective, this year alone the Americans have closed down over eighty websites that allowed people to trade with Cuba, but PayPal, an American company, is allowed to send money to Spain on behalf of this Cuban woman. The conclusion is irresistible that this is only being allowed to happen because Sanchez is an American client and that is how she receives her payments.

How is the blog financed, since running it must cost a fortune? The blog is hosted in Germany and by all accounts uses up to sixty times more bandwidth than is available in the whole of Cuba. That amount alone is going to cost a pretty penny, and then we need to factor in the costs of running the blog in no less than eighteen different languages. How are all those pages administered and who pays the administrators? How much do they receive? What about the army of translators - how are they recruited, who pays them, and how much are they paid? This is an operation involving people is many different countries that must cost thousands of dollars to run: if anyone thinks that Yoani Sanchez is some bird sat in her nightdress, posting merrily to a free blogging platform, then they are living in a fantasy world. Where the money comes from to keep the operation going is a legitimate question that is only now being asked by the English language blogs.

The issue here is not that Yoani Sanchez should be prevented from blogging: of course she should write whatever she wants and we who are a part of the blogging world must support that right. However, we socialist bloggers have the right and the duty to say that this woman is not the heroine that the capitalist media present. She is a scab who seeks to undermine Cuba's socialist system and who seems to be receiving money and support from some heavyweight capitalist players as part of that aim.

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28 November 2009
Weekending: Gotcha!

God bless women and their coniving little hearts.


27 November 2009
A Typical Russian Wedding
What a nice pair. . . Vladimir and Natasha get out of their stretched limo, drinks in hand, and make their way unsteadily to the wedding reception. The Daily Telegraph reports that this photo is being reproduced all over the web as people slap their thighs in mirth at the antics of today's Russians. The story might be true, but the image has been around the web since at least March, which was when the Wedinator site first posted it. Still, it's a lovely story.

Bring back the wonderful Cold War is all that Team Exile can think of to say.


26 November 2009
Have you ever heard of dogging?
When your friendly old Exile last lived in the UK John Major was the Prime Minister, Neil Kinnock was the leader of the opposition and the popular pastime known as dogging had never been heard of - at least not under that name.

Dogging involves a trip into the countryside for a spot of anonymous sex, usually with plenty of voyeurs lining up to watch the action. Just cast your eyes over the delightfully dusky dogette in the video if you don't believe me:

Al fresco shagging, usually in the back of a car, was common in my day but this looks a whole lot more. So let's hear it for the exhibitionist birds and the blokes who satisfy their desires.

Now does anyone know a good dogging spot in South London?


25 November 2009
Sydney clock tower shagging

Meet the Sydney Shaggers, a young couple who turned the Australian city's famous clock tower into the cock plower.

The building was formerly a department store and is now used as a university hall of residence, so it is quite likely that passion's playthings are university undergraduates. Let's hope that the girl came right on time, thanks to her boyfriend's dong!


The Chilcot Inquiry opens
The Chilcot Inquiry into the war against Iraq began its deliberations yesterday with a pledge from Chairman Sir John Chilcot that there would be no whitewash. This is pure bollocks, of course, since all five men who make up the inquiry team are establishment figures to their fingertips, and three of them were strong advocates of the aggression to boot. If you have any doubts just look at the potted biographies provided by Craig Murray of these characters.

So expecting anything from the inquiry is probably a bit much, but that is not to say that it will all be a complete waste of time. Information will appear in the public domain thanks to the questioning of the witnesses and that, plus the steady trickle of classified government papers that are finding their way into the newspapers, should be enough to undermine what is left of the warmongers' case.

Our job as socialists is to continue to chip away at the state's legitimacy in the eyes of our own people. The state lied, soldiers died, millions of pounds that could have been used productively were pored down the Iraqi toilet. How can we ever trust anyone from the political class ever again?


24 November 2009
Jean Charles de Menezes: what the left should do
The family of the Metropolitan Police's victim Jean Charles de Menezes have accepted just £100,000 in compensation for their dead son. Lawyers for the Brazilian family as well as those acting for the killers refused to comment on claims that the amount to be paid is less than it would otherwise have been because the family is poor. In other words the claim is probably true. . .

The left cannot bring Jean Charles back to life, but we can act to make life a living hell for his two killers. Their names have never been published by the press, but it is inconceivable that their personal details are unknown outside police circles.

Leftists need to get as much information as possible to the blogs that are based outside the UK. Who are those two fuckers? What are their addresses and home telephone numbers? Do their children, if any, know what their fathers do for a living?

Instead of arguing about the minutia of political theology, we need to work together as socialists to undermine the state's legitimacy. Let us worry about how we shall build the great socialist tomorrow once we are standing in the rubble of the capitalist present.

There are worse ways of starting that process off than by giving grief to psychotic members of the state's death squads.


23 November 2009
Now the Tories are really losing the plot
Peter Hobbins was an Orpington Tory councillor until Saturday when two e-mails that he sent out were leaked to a Liberal-Democrat blog, thus forcing his resignation from the Conservative Party. What heinous commentary did the mails contain? Well, the party is selecting its candidate to fight the next general election and one mail complains about idiotic candidates who ask how to write a speech and want to know where Orpington actually is.

His other e-mail then complained about the number of people who lacked standard British names, using such exotic types as Dilon Gumraj and Zera Zaidi as examples. He concludes by saying that "The candidates' department are simply rushing these names through. They have no idea about how Associations are organised and have zero experience of political campaigning."

It looks to your friendly old Exile as if Peter Hobbins jumped before he was pushed, and that the Tories are making a rod for their own back with this action. The Tory shires are as white as white can be, and the people who live in places like Orpington are unlikely to vote for an ethnic candidate just because the Tory leadership wants to be all nice and diverse.

All David Cameron had to do was sit back and wait for the election to fall into his lap, but he seems determined to make his path to Downing Street as difficult as possible.


20 November 2009
Weekending: Donkey Dick

You must have heard the expression "hung like a donkey and twice as hairy". The words usually refer to Mancunians, but here is the real thing.


19 November 2009
Should bloggers out their fellow bloggers?
Should anonymous bloggers be outed by other bloggers? The Exile's policy is that if a blogger wishes to be anonymous, then that will be respected. It is for this reason that David T. of Harry's Place fame is always referred to by his nickname, even though his real name is well known, since he has never indicated that he wishes his name to be used. As the friendly old Exile's even friendlier old dad once remarked, if you want to be treated as a white man then you have to bloody well behave like one. By adhering to this policy the Exile shows that he really is the whitest blogger around. . .

A policy of respect for other bloggers' anonymity helps to protect them from losing their jobs or even worse. Few in the blogging community will ever forget Riverbend, the Iraqi who helped us understand what it is like to live in a country under occupation. In her very first post back in August 2003 she wrote:
A little bit about myself: I'm female, Iraqi and 24. I survived the war. That's all you need to know. It's all that matters these days anyway.
Yes, that is all that matters, and who can doubt that had the attempts by various warmongers to find out the girl's true identity succeeded, she would have been quickly silenced by her country's occupiers or their collaborators?

Someone should mention these points to that short-arsed little cockroach who answers to the name of Gimlet Kamm because the fucker is one of those bloggers who just doesn't get it, which is why the rancid shit has been gloating at the outing of the policeman behind the NightJack blog. The author was outed by the Times, probably as an act of revenge because NightJack won the prestigious Orwell Prize, an award that the Times wanted for Gimlet, and which Gimlet was aching to take. According to Gimlet, it was legitimate to out NightJack's identity, "when he left clues to it". Presumably had he not left those clues then it would not have been legitimate. On the other hand perhaps not: it is hard to follow Gimlet's thought processes since they seem to be based on little more than petty vindictiveness as Neil Clark found out some years ago.

Gimlet aside, we band of bloggers really should agree not to grass one another up. Whatever political differences we have we are united in our determination to get our messages out. For many of us such as Riverbend and NightJack, that message has to be under the cloak of anonymity and we have a duty to respect that.

It is the way that white men behave.

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18 November 2009
Yet more plans to censor the blogs
Do you remember when we reported that Nu-Labour had plans to censor the blogs? Nothing came of that, but the idea is still milling around and will probably be taken up by an incoming Tory government. We be pretty sure of that largely because Baroness Bunscombe, the new chairwoman of the Press Complaints Commission, wants to extend her organisation's remit to include your friendly old Exile and his mates. Baroness Dunscombe, in case you don't know sits on the Tory benches in the House of Lords.

Somebody really should tell this brainless bimbo that it's called the World Wide Web for a reason. It allows a bloke in Mexico to comment on British matters, using a server that sits in the USA. Good luck regulating that!

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17 November 2009
Nu-Labour tries to con voters with old bollocks

The New Statesman reports that Nu-Labour will run this video as an election broadcast next year. Thus the party appears to have implicitly conceded the general election, and will fight to retain some of its core working class vote.

Let's just consider three things from this short film. First it uses the old Kinnockite red rose party symbol at the end, instead of whatever corporate logo the party uses at the moment. However, this ignores the fact that the red rose was chosen as a replacement for the original Labour symbol of a crossed shovel and pen, which denoted the unity of white and blue collar workers. Now most viewers probably won't remember that, but may remember that under Neil Kinnock the party at least pretended to represent the working man, so some good may come out of it for the party.

Secondly, the only non-white faces on show belong to either Africans or Barak Obama. Nu-Labour obviously want us to forget the fact that the doors were opened to any Johnny Foreigner who bounded along and that most new jobs created under their watch went to those outsiders. The Exile is dubious about whether people will fall for this line, but it is good to see Nu-Labour now realises that immigration is a problem and not a boon.

Finally, the party obviously wants us to believe that there is a continuum between the party of Keir Hardy and that of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown. The problem is that there isn't - and Nu-Labour has only just started to even pretend that there is. Until the working class stopped voting altogether, the party was quite happy to present itself as the voice of the aspirational scrote in his shell suit, driving his Ford Mondeo. The question is will the average punter living in a council house in Rochdale feel all warm inside when he sees the video - so warm that he forgets the reality of Nu-Labour's 12 rancid years? The party is obviously betting that he will, but this writer is dubious.

Nothing in this video suggests that Nu-Labour is prepared to bite the bullet and start thinking up policies that will please the drink beer, shag women, hate the boss working man. As with everything to do with Nu-Labour, this is all fur coat and no knickers. For that reason the party still faces extinction at the next election.

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16 November 2009
Meet Dr. Brooke Magnanti, the real Belle de Jour
One of the century's best kept literary secrets was solved over the weekend when 34 year old research scientist Dr. Brooke Magnanti revealed that she is the authoress of the Belle de Jour blog which detailed her life as a £300 a poke prostitute. She decided to out herself because a former boyfriend was about to spill the beans.

Brooke went on the knock to support herself while she was researching her Sheffield University PhD thesis and she shot to prominence in 2003 when the Guardian awarded her blog an award. The blog led to a book, which led to a television series, which led to pots of even easier money for Brooke than she had earned polishing an average of three knobs a week.

Now that the secret is out, your friendly old Exile has to admit to a small twinge of disappointment that Belle is not quite the glamour puss that his febrile mind had imagined. Still and for all that, let's give three cheers to the good Dr. Brooke Magnanti: for never in the field of pervy lechery have so many throbbing blue veiners been provided to so many one-handed readers by just one woman!

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14 November 2009
Weekending: milk, glorious milk

Is this the best milk advert ever made? Trust me, it's worth watching, especially if you have plenty of years under your belt.


13 November 2009
Craig Murray: blogger under threat
Craig Murray, the blogger and former diplomat, has come under threat of legal action by an outfit called the Quilliam Foundation. According to Craig:
The Quilliam Foundation is the branch of New Labour tasked with securing the Muslim vote and reducing British Muslim dissatisfaction with New Labour over the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. If they wanted to do that with New Labour money, that would be their own business. But I object fundamentally to their doing it with my and your money.
Well, they are using public funds to try and silence a strong critic of British foreign policy, especially the wars against Iraq and Afghanistan.

More when we have it. In the meantime you might want to pop over to Craig's site and leave a message of sympathy and support.


Goodbye to SA Sucks
The blogger known as Uhuru Guru has decided to close down his blog, SA Sucks, with immediate effect. The man behind the monicker is a far-right white South African who has managed to wind up his country's rulers to such an extent that they have started arresting him on trumped up charges and threatening his wife and daughters. It is the threat to them, more than anything else, that has led him to conclude that his blog has to close.

It is sad when any blogger is forced to shut up shop under state pressure, and it is to be hoped that all other political bloggers, be they from the left or the right, will join The Exile in sending their best wishes to Uhuru Guru.

Sadly the chances of that happening are about as likely as the discovery of rocking horse shit. As we pointed out a few days ago, Uhuru Guru is just the wrong type of dissident blogger in the eyes of those precious, liberal, white middle class types who infest the world of blogs.


12 November 2009
Sarah Brown's tits
Nice tits, shame about the face, is all that Team Exile can think of to say about Sarah Brown, wife to Gordon Brown our very own Prime Mentalist as she arrived at some junket or other yesterday.


Emelia Hernández, Héctor Guijosa & a basket of eggs
Here's a tale that needs a wider audience. . . Emelia Hernandez, on the left, burst into the Mexico City Assembly to confront Deputy Héctor Guijosa, pictured right and looking as if he wished that he were elsewhere. It seems that Emelia had been wont to polish Héctor's knob, until such time as she became pregnant - whereupon Héctor stopped fucking her and fucked her off instead.

Emelia is after some easy money, obviously, and as part of her ploy to embarrass Héctor into coughing up she brought a basket of eggs into the chamber with her - you can just see it behind the computer monitor. Why the eggs, I hear you ask? That's because what we call balls, the Mexicans call eggs, and she was bringing him a dozen or so to replace the ones that she thinks he lacks. Now you understand why the poor sod has that mongish expression on his face: he just wants the earth to open up and swallow him whole.

Yes, yes, I know what you are thinking: she should have taken the pill or had a fucking abortion, but you have to admit that the tale is worth the telling for the easy laughs that it gives.


11 November 2009
This is why the BNP will do well next year

This is Amy and in this video she explains why she is attracted to the BNP. On her YouTube page she explains that she no longer plans to vote for that party, but the reasons for her disaffection with life remain the same.

In a nutshell Any wants a job and cannot find one. What is needed for Amy and the millions of people like her is a Labour Party that talks about structuring the economy in such a way as to ensure that a supply of unskilled and semi-skilled jobs exist in every region. The fact that the party refuses to do that, and prefers instead to bring in foreign labourers, is the main reason why it is heading for extinction.

Amy may not vote for the BNP but millions of people like her almost certainly will next year.

Now you know why.

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10 November 2009
Even CNN don't believe Yoani Sanchez

Following on from last night's posting about Yoani Sanchez and her supposed assault by Cuban government agents, the mystery as to why she has refused to post a photo that would back up her claim to have been heavily beaten has started to clear thanks to this CNN report.

In the video she claims that her face is bruised, but to this writer's jaundiced eye it doesn't look marked at all. One arm has light bruising on it which could have come from anything, and as for the crutches, all we can say is that Hollywood is missing a star.

According to the carefully worded CNN report Sanchez walks in "apparent pain" and "CNN is not able to independently verify the incident," which is as good a way of saying that they think that she is a lying little slag as well.

The Cuban scabs really need to come up with better agitprop than this if they are going to have a hope in hell of convincing a sceptical world.

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Reflections on the fall of the Berlin Wall
Twenty years ago this week the Berlin Wall came crashing down, and for many people who lived in the old Comecon countries, life took a decided turn for the worse. Whether we are talking about an East German academic or a Hungarian schoolgirl, the memories come thick and fast of these lands of lost content that have gone, probably never to return.

Why did socialism collapse in Eastern Europe? There are many possible explanations, but the main factor is surely that socialism arrived courtesy of the Soviet Union in 1945. It was always something that could be held up as a foreign import which all patriotic men had to oppose. Once the Soviet Union announced that it would no longer step in to keep Communist governments in power, then it was only a matter of time before nationalist forces overthrew the existing orders.

Let this be a lesson to the left: their are no short cuts on the road to power, and it has to come from within a country, it cannot be introduced from without.
09 November 2009
Yoani Sánchez & two blokes nobody cares about
It is not enough to be a dissident blogger - if you want the support of the blogging community you have to be the right kind of dissident blogger as Kareem Amer from Egypt and the entertainingly nicknamed Uhuru Guro of South Africa can testify.

Unlike Cuba's Yoani Sánchez who is always writing about state harassment, the other two have genuinely experienced repression at first hand, but few people seem to care about their plights. Kareem is currently serving a four year prison sentence for his writings, and has a small support group based in the USA that tries to publicise his case. Uhuru Guro was recently arrested, held in detention for over a day, and is now trying to get his computers and disks returned by a state that regards his writings as beyond the pale.

Two factors seem to be in play here. Sánchez has the good fortune to live in a country that the USA is hostile towards. Cuba is in Washington's eye, and thus the eye of the American press. By way of contrast both Egypt and South Africa have good relations with the USA, so their predilection for banging up bloggers gets overlooked.

Secondly, both Uhuru and Kareem are just the wrong type of blogger for western liberals to support. The South African regards blacks as monkeys who swing from the trees, and Kareem seems to loathe Islam with a passion as this English translation of one of his postings demonstrates. Yoani Sánchez by way of contrast is a social liberal and economic conservative; put bluntly she says nice things about poofs and nasty things about the country's collectivist economic system.

The fact that Sánchez has been caught out telling lies doesn't seem to trouble her supporters in any way. She has claimed that she cannot blog from Cuba and has to text her postings to people outside the country who then upload her words to the blog. Alas, and to the chagrin of formerly sympathetic journalists who were in Cuba to attend a conference, she was photographed sitting happily in a hotel and updating her blog. Using an expensive Apple-Macintosh to boot - so much for her supposed poverty.

Sánchez has claimed recently that some state agents attacked her. Two versions of this tale are going the rounds, the first as given to the Miami Herald and which reports that she was attacked on the street, and the second on her blog and which reads like a John Birch Society wet dream. Interestingly enough, in spite of having claimed that she was beaten black and blue, no photograph of her injuries has been published.

The moral of all this is that it is not enough to be a dissident: you have to be the type of dissident that western liberals like. If you are then you can tell all the tall tales in the world and they will still support you. Not only that, but the likes of Time Magazine and the newspaper el Pais will shower you with awards. According to this Spanish blogger, el Pais has not mentioned Kareem once.

Both he and Uhuru Guru are just the wrong type of dissident.

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07 November 2009
Weekending: What a boob!

Here's a bit of Russian candid camera to laugh at and a very nice pair of knockers to drool over. Tits like those - you don't get many of them to the pound, now do you?

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06 November 2009
Kylie Minogue: the Agent Provocateur advert

The Sun reports that this Kylie Minogue advert for Agent Provocateur has been voted the best ever viral advert.

That's not the reason why we are running it, however. We are running it so that you can drool over Kylie's luscious rump:

That way you know that God exists.


Popular Political Music

The idea of political music to English ears conjures up images of schoolteachers listening to some fat middle-aged bloke in a pullover. The notion that people living giro to giro on a council estate would ever listen to such drivel is risible in the extreme. However, the music of Mexico is both wildly popular within the country and highly political.

Take los Tigres del Norte as a case in point. This group are probably the most listened to in the country and the government has said that they cannot perform la Granja, their latest hit, at the National Auditorium when they play there later this month. The group - who are all multi-millionaires - have told the federales to go and take a running jump and have cancelled their concert.

La Granja -the farm - is Mexico and the rabid dog represents the drug dealers. The grandfather is the old dictatorship that allowed the dealers to operate, but under strict limits set by it. The fox is of course former President Vicente Fox who allowed the dog to break free, largely because he attacked it under American pressure. The pigs are the politicians who stuff themselves on the farm's corn, and the chickens are the press who do really very little.

Now, if the Mexicans can have a tradition of highly politicised popular music, why can't England? The Scots manage it, as this brutal attack on the country's former First Minister shows:

However, the Thornlie Boys are nowhere near as big in the land of the deep-fried Mars Bar as los Tigres are in Mexico, so the problem seems to be across the whole of Britain.

It may be that the Mexicans are just that little bit more politically sophisticated than their British counterparts, as they know how to tell when a politician is lying because he opens his mouth when he speaks. Thus attacks such as the one that los Tigres have mounted strike a popular chord. By way of contrast, far too many British people still believe in the man, and the man's tales for this form of popular contempt to be viable in Britain.

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05 November 2009
Afghan policeman shows his true colours
Five British soldiers have been killed in Afghanistan and the press are trying to write it off as the action of a lone, rogue policeman. Actually, it is far more serious than that, and very simple to understand.

The regime in Kabul lacks legitimacy because it is kept in power by foreign troops. All the talk about training the local army and police only serves to try and hide the fact that those forces are then expected to go into action on behalf of their western paymasters. That they will not do. They may take the occupiers' shilling, but all they are doing with that is earning a buttie - their loyalty is inevitably going to be to their own people and institutions.

Leading on from that is the obvious point that sooner or later the occupiers will leave the country. Everyone else stays because that is where they live. Thus the notion that the Afghans will be ever loyal to forces that one day will cut and run is risible. Everyone knows that next year, or next decade, the collaborators will have to answer to the guerrilla fighters, and nobody looks forward to that with equanimity.

As the war against Afghanistan becomes more and more unpopular in the west, then we can expect to see more attacks like this. The locally recruited collaborators just have to prove how loyal they are to their own land, or face some pretty horrible consequences.

Expect more of the same in the months to come.


04 November 2009
Cameron reneges on European referendum
They don't call it a constitution, at least not since the French and Dutch rejected it. A few words were changed here and there and the Lisbon Treaty was created, but it amounts to the same thing. The Tories promised the British people a referendum on this document, but now that the Czechs have ratified it they have reneged on that promise.

All the Tories had to do was sit back, watch Nu-Labour continue to self-destruct and then reap the benefit at the next election. Instead they have started to play silly buggers, and have opened up all their old wounds over the issue of Britain's continued membership of the European Union.

The sensible thing for David Cameron to do would be to pledge a referendum on withdrawal from the EU. At a stroke her would ensure a massive majority at the next election, as well as cutting into the soft underbelly of the BNP vote.

However, whoever said that politicians were sensible?


03 November 2009
Aishah Azmi gets caught out trying it on

This tale is now over two years old but laughing at inbreds never goes out of fashion, so let's run the story once again just for the fun of it.

Aishah Azmi went for an interview as a teaching assistant at a Church of England school without wearing her veil and got the job. Then the saucy little piggie started wearing the thing at work and was promptly suspended. She then claimed that this was an act of religious discrimination, but just listen to the BBC interviewer make her look very, very stupid by tying her answers in knots. It looks to your friendly old Exile as if madam was trying it on to get some easy dosh for unfair dismissal, but if you just listen to her level of English then you will realise that she is too fucking thick for that.

By the way, if you think that walking around with your face covered is a human right then try going into your local bank wearing a balaclava and see how long you fucking well last.

Cheers: The Green Arrow.


02 November 2009
Meet Sun Meng, the Chengdu Chinky Cheat
Sun Meng (25) was having his knob polished when the lady's husband arrived home, so he scampered out of the flat to take refuge atop an air-conditioner. The photo shows him cowering as the woman's husband, who had just finished demonstrating to his awfully wedded wife that belts don't just hold trousers up, remonstrates with him from the window.

To make matters even worse for the chinky cheat, the fact is that even chicken fried rice merchants have digital cameras these days and his photo was quickly snapped and posted to a Chinese language web forum. From there it was taken up by everyone and his brother and is now all over the web.

Sun Meng has complained that people are laughing at the size of his sweet and sour balls: "It was a very cold day," he explained.