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30 October 2009
Weekending: Wartime British Humour

The Japanese, the Jerries and the Wops - this song has been going through my mind all day and I just wanted to share it with you.


29 October 2009
Schwarzenegger to legislature: fuck you!

You have to hand it to Arnie, he certainly knows how to capture the popular mood. Just read the first letters of the body of the text vertically.

If California were a private business then it would have already gone bankrupt. Schwarzenegger's problem is an old one in American politics: legislative members are really only interested in pleasing the narrow constituency that voted for them, and getting them to vote for the common interest is very difficult. General Robert E. Lee complained in March 1865 that the Confederate Congress sat around eating peanuts while his army starved in the trenches outside Richmond, so the problem is hardly new.

That said, Arnie's reply is!


28 October 2009
The immigration conspiracy unravels
The truth of the conspiracy that aimed at turning as much of England as possible into a third world sewer is starting to rattle the conspirators. Jack Straw has published an article denying the story's veracity, and Andrew Neather, the man who first spilled the beans, has now gone on record to deny writing what all of us read just the other day.

Staw can be quickly dealt with. His carefully worded exercise in shifting the goalposts refers to a decline in asylum seekers. Now that may or may not be the case, but what is certain is that Neather was not writing about that group. His article was concerned with migration in general, and the government's decision in 2000 to open the flood gates and pretty much allow all and sundry to enter Britain.

Neather's argument is that a multicultural Britain was not the prime motive behind the speech that he wrote, nor the government report that it was based on. The problem with that line is that by admitting millions of third worlders in Britain, the government almost by definition sought to change the ethnic and cultural make-up of the country.

That government cannot fall back on a cock-up explanation, either. It has emerged that the original report entitled "Migration, a Social and Economic Analysis" was carefully edited before publication to remove any mention of the downside to massive immigration such as an increase in crime.

The government's friends in the mass media are playing down what in this writer's mind is the story of the decade. It is therefore up to the blogs to get the message out: the Labour government has brought in an army of foreign workers with the obvious aim of changing the country's racial and cultural make-up, thus cutting the wages and thereby keeping the local working class on the dole.


27 October 2009
The Exile's fourth anniversary
The Exile published its first post on the 25th October 2005, so the blog is now four years old. Given that most blogs seem to be lucky to last four weeks, we at Team Exile feel entitled to pat ourselves on the back and then lift a glass to our longevity.

The key to it all is perspective - as this photo shows, things often look different depending upon the angle taken to view them:

The Exile will continue to view things from various angles, and will continue to get under the skin of the ideologically pure at heart.

Here's to the next anniversary!


26 October 2009
The truth about immigration: it's a conspiracy
We can confidently say that the Labour Party's death certificate was written up by Andrew Neather, a former party aide, in the London Evening Standard on Friday of last week.

Many of us had wondered if the government had basically lost control of immigration, or was it allowing London, especially, to become a third world hell-hole as part of a deliberate policy? Thanks to Neather's candid article we know know that it was deliberate policy to open the doors to all and sundry.

The argument goes that the reasoning behind this was "to rub the Right's nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date," but that point of view rings hollow. The Conservatives have adopted the multicultural agenda with ease, and the only people who are getting their noses rubbed in the dirt are the urban working class.

The writer makes this point implicitly when he states that the "foreign nannies cleaners and gardeners"could not be replaced by "unemployed BNP voters from Barking or Burnley". Of course the BNP got hardly any votes back in 2000 when this policy was introduced, so the people that Neather is attacking are not mythical BNP supporters, but the ordinary working class.

Of course they could have done all those jobs and more, but they would not be willing to live ten to a room and be paid peanuts. Obviously new council houses would have had to be built, and the workers would have joined unions and demanded a decent wage. Far better for the middle class to import the gutter sweepings of the non-unionised world to labour for them and leave the working class to rot. Thus, and as we reported over two years ago, "London isn't England anymore," and the city's working class are falling over themselves to get out of the urban jungle that Nu-Labour has created.

It is probably too late to prevent London from joining the ranks of the third world, but the same cannot be said of the rest of the country. All it needs is for the working class to finally get its act together and organise in opposition to a policy that stands so totally against its economic interests.


24 October 2009
Weekending: Suzi Perry Stripping Video

Here's one for all you Suzi Perry fans - and I know from the mails that I received after this Suzi Perry upskirt video went live that there are a lot of you out there. This video shows her stripping off to change clothes for a shoot. Fortunately for us someone left a camera running. . .

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23 October 2009
Nick Griffin on Question Time

I've just managed to watch Question Time with Nick Griffin on YouTube. The first part can be seen here, and links to all six parts of the programme are given at the head of this posting.

The programme was basically a bear pit, with an audience that seemed to have rather more than its fair share of our ethnic brothers and sisters than is to be found in the population at large. They and their white middle class friends seemed to want to outdo each other with displays of the type of outrage that only the comfortable middle class can come up with. It is quite likely that more than a few working class people watching the show on television will have been turned off by that display, and it may even have served to boost the BNP in their minds.

As far as the panel was concerned, Chris Huhne of the Liberal-Democrats came off best with Nick Griffin a close second. In spite of seeming ill at ease for the first ten minutes of the programme, Griffin scored an early hit on Nu-Labour's Jack Straw when the latter started on a patriot binge, and Griffin reminded him that Griffin Sr. had served in the RAF during the Second World War whilst Straw's old man had been a conscientious objector -or a fucking conshie as they were more usually known. That sound byte will be going the rounds pretty quickly. . .

As will the sight of the Tory Sayeeda Warsi - who looked even fatter than she did in this clip - when she claimed that there were no invalid asylum applications. God knows what the silly cow thought she was doing with that fatuous remark - maybe thinking about all the fucking relatives that she can bring over? Anyway, you can just guarantee that this clip is being passed around the mobile 'phones even as your friendly old Exile writes these words.

Couple all this with the image of hundreds of bovine Trots fighting the police outside the studio and it is no wonder that interest in joining the BNP has increased enormously.

All in all a good night for the BNP.


The social work filth and the fat bastards
Back in August 2008 we reported that the social work filth were about to target overweight working class people as part of their drive to ensure that our people submit to their will and show obedience to their edicts. Sadly, our prediction has turned out to be true, as families are finding that the social work vermin are using obesity as a way of breaking up families.

Remember that this isn't about fat bastards or thickoes, it is about power. This is the lower middle class demonstrating its power to the working class. Good fun though it is for individuals such as this blogger to treat the social work vermin as the maggots that they are, that is no substitute for political action on the estates.

Think about it: if every one of these maggots knew in its heart that its actions would be opposed not just on the street, but in the council chamber as well, then their moral would quickly collapse. All we need is organisation.

What are we waiting for people? Let's have the fuckers!
Teachers protected Pakistani gangs in school
Here we go again with yet more lower middle class stupidity, and this time it led to a 15 year old boy being almost battered to death by a hammer-wielding Pakistani gang. Henry Webster was left fighting for his life in 2007 when a dozen Asians battered him insensible. The gang were later jailed, but it is emerging now that the school that Henry attended allowed its Pakistani pupils to form gangs that terrorised the whites, but if those same whites tried to form their own gangs, then the teachers would move to prevent that from happening.

The Daily Mail report presents this as political correctness gone mad, which it certainly is, but there is something else going on as well.

Does anyone remember the case of Cody Stott, the Salford schoolgirl who objected to having to sit in a lesson with a bunch of non-English speaking asylum seekers? For her pains she had to listen to a torrent of abuse from a teacher and was then arrested by the Old Bill and held for hours on spurious and trumped up charges.

The lower middle class loves poking a stick into the proletarian hornets' nest just to demonstrate that it can. For their part, ordinary people believe that if they roll with the punches then eventually the teachers, social workers, council penpushers and the like will leave them alone, but that is not the case.

This is about power, and about demonstrating who wields the power. Sooner or later the hornets will fly out of their nest and start stinging everyone and everything around.

The middle class will howl, but they only have themselves to blame.


21 October 2009
Social work filth claim mother is too stupid to rear her child
This story is too repulsive for words: the social work filth are now education arbiters and they can decide if a woman is intelligent enough to keep her child. In Nottingham the child of Rachel Pullen was seized by those rancid lumps of lower middle class shit known as the social work industry earlier this year. Now in Dunfermline, Kerry Robertson (17) was prevented from marrying the father of her unborn child by the industry, and has now been told that her baby will be seized when he is born.

An e-mail has been sent by your friendly old Exile to Nottingham social work shit asking just how many of the human cockroaches employed in their section of the social work industry hold degrees issued by Russell Group universities. If the fuckers give a straight answer, then we shall try to find out just how many of those degrees are nothing more than a social work qualification.

The point of course is that by setting themselves up as judges of who is and who isn't intelligent, the industry is now going to be forced to demonstrate the intelligence of its own members. If, as seems likely, the average lump of social work shit is nothing more than a pathetic inadequate with a poly degree and a puerile desire for status, then we can use the information to further undermine that always fragile sense of self-worth that the lower middle class has.

And we can have a laugh while we are at it!


Fascism and socialism: spot the difference
There is a lot of bollocks going around at the moment to the effect that socialism and fascism are somehow the same. Superficially, and for the truly political illiterate, the idea has some merit because fascism needs the support of the urban working class to take off, and they are the very ones who look to collectivist solutions to their economic problems. Thus fascism has to cover itself in pinkish clothing to get that support.

Although defining fascism has always been a problem, one thing about it is clear and that is that it represents, primarily, the owners of capital and their middle class lickspittles. Socialism represents the producers, the working class, the poor sods who labour to keep everyone else in clover.

What happened to the upper classes in Argentina, Germany and Italy during their fascist periods? The answer is that nothing happened to them, they did very well out of those years. Contrast that with Cuba in 1959: the old ruling class had its property expropriated and there was a mad dash for anything that would fly or float to get off the island.

As for the middle class, let the example of this chief of police serve to show what happened to those rancid fuckers:

Today, and for all its faults, Cuba is a country without a parasitic middle class and with its former rulers sitting in Miami, drinking the bitter draught of total defeat.

Is there any bugger still around who does not yet understand the difference between socialism and fascism?

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20 October 2009
Buy a cat and get to stay in Britain

Just when you thought that the Nu-Labour regime couldn't get any more cack-handed than they are already, they up and surprise you by taking their incompetence to a whole new level.

So it is with the case of a Bolivian whom the government wished to deport. The man appealed to a Nu-Labour body called the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal which ruled that he can continue to bless the UK with his presence because he and his girlfriend had bought a cat.

Yes, you read that correctly: a fucking cat. Some Bolivian has been given special leave to remain in the UK and one of the factors that he offered as proof of a serious relationship with the bird that he is shacked up with is that they have a moggy.

Needless to say, neither the Bolivian nor the cat have been named, presumably to protect their privacy.


19 October 2009
Griffin and Question Time: middle class angst on display
Nick Griffin, the British National Party's leader hasn't even appeared on the BBC's Question Time yet, but already liberal middle class sphincters are clenching at the thought. Nick Cohen has been engaging in a bout of breast beating over at the Observer, and just to make sure that their readers got the message, the paper chose an image of a National Alliance protest in Leeds. That error, or smear, is something that the BNP's deputy press officer was delighted to point out, but the silly sod got the newspaper wrong and claimed that the piece appeared in the Independent. All across the Sunday press the Cohen piece was repeated in different words as various types asked how this could happen and what can be done to stop it?

How it happened is very simple: the BNP is the old Labour Party with a pinch of added racism. The party seeks to represent the urban working class, and may very well succeed in that aim since Labour now treats its former core constituents as vermin.

What can be done to stop the right's forward march? The most obvious solution is for Labour to remember which class it was set up to represent. For instance it could repeal all the old Tory anti-trades union legislation and at a stroke that would put paid to the flood of foreign labour into the UK: no union card, no job. End of story. The party could also start hiking up the tax that the middle class pays and make it plain that this is being done as an act of retribution for the Thatcher years.

What, however, is the solution that the left is putting forward? According to the Cohen piece, Jon Cruddass the so-calls leftist Labour MP want to see Andrew Neil put forward to debate Nick Griffin. For the record, Neil is the arselicking scab who as editor of the Sunday Times helped Rupert Murdoch put over 6,000 printers out of work during the Wapping Strike. It is one thing for a socialist to call for a tall tree and a short rope for the likes of Neil, but the fact that the scab has been put forward quite seriously as the man to take on Griffin probably tells you all you need to know about the left in Britain today.

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17 October 2009
Weekending: Windy Day Upskirt Video

Trust me, if you are a windy day upskirt fan then you will just love this video.


16 October 2009
The Islamic Party?

Watch the video if your blood pressure can stand it, because in less than a minute it demonstrates Muslim hubris in action. The speech by Shahid Malik MP was made a year ago, but the above section was carefully excluded from the video that was released afterwards. In it Malik looks forward to a time "when the whole parliament will be Muslim". Needless to say the British National Party managed to get its paws on the triumphalist section and has made hay with it.

The Labour Party, which Malik belongs to, was established just over a century ago by Catholics in the big cities and Methodists in the towns. Theologically they were miles apart, but what kept them together was the knowledge that they were both working class and were both working towards the same end: the collectivisation of the British economy.

Those days have clearly gone, to be replaced in the case of Malik and his mates by the politics of religion, coupled with a desire to keep snouts firmly planted in the public trough. It may very well be that following Labour's meltdown at next year's general election, and Islamic Party will be formed. It may even win a few council seats in some of the northern mill towns. However it is unlikely to win any parliamentary seats and its mere existence will further boost the fortunes of the BNP.

What a great future we have awaiting us.

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15 October 2009
Sayeeda Warsi will debate Nick Griffin on Question Time

It seems that Sayeeda Warsi - no, the name did not trip off my tongue, either - has been chosen as the Tory who will go head to head with the British National Party's Nick Griffin on the 22nd October edition of Question Time.

I had never heard of this woman, but it only took me a few minutes to find out the following:

1. As you can see from the above video, little Sayeeda comes over as a brainless bitch who can neither string a fucking sentence together, nor create a coherent argument. Griffin can do both, so he is going to have a field day with this one.

2. In her unsuccessful campaign for a Commons’ seat in 2005 she had the support of Lord Nazir Ahmed, supposedly a Labour peer. So where does her loyalty lie – and his come to that? To the party or to their shared religion?

3. Although born in England she has worked for the Pakistani Ministry of Law. So, does she think of herself as English or Pakistani? This question is more pertinent when you consider that her marriage was arranged, and she married a Pakistani who was brought over especially to marry her and bless England with his presence.

4. The homosexualist lobby hates her as she supported Section 28 and opposed the lowering of the age of buggery from 18 to 16. Now we at Team Exile have nothing against gay boys; indeed some of our very best friends are rancid little poofs: it's just that we can see plenty of room for Griffin to cause trouble between this bird and the benders’ lobby.

5. She's fat. Sorry, but it's the truth. What this means is that she can't overcome all her other failings by flashing a shaggable body for the television cameras, because she doesn't have one.

The Tories could have put up a heavyweight like William Hague to make mincemeat out of Griffin, but they chose Sayeeda instead. It is not as if she is a popular figure in her party, as this Tory blogger and his commentators demonstrate. The reasoning probably goes that her selection demonstrates how inclusive the Tories now are.

A pity that the BNP now looks set to walk away with the honours because of that act of stupidity.


14 October 2009
Social work filth now target middle class families

The anguished mother who produced and uploaded the above video to YouTube on the 12th of this month believes that only the poor have their children seized by those dark beings known as the social work filth. This blog took a similar view in our earlier postings about the creatures' activities, but evidence is emerging that the social work filth have basically thrown caution to the wind and are now grabbing anyone that they can, as this middle class family from Sussex will testify.

Over two years ago, we argued that working class districts were increasingly becoming colonial territories that were run by an administrative caste of social workers, teachers, council officials and the police. Nothing has happened since then to change that view, but it has to be admitted that the solution put forward, namely the creation of local groups on each estate to protect the children has not come to fruition.

Very well, since the social work filth are out of control, working class activists must put aside their distaste for cross-class alliances, and work with whoever comes along who shares our loathing for the social work industry. That means the likes of the high Tories, the libertarians, and as many ratepayer associations as we can make contact with. It doesn't matter what the ideology is, so long as they join us in putting an end to this group of semi-literate knuckle-draggers as soon as possible.


13 October 2009
How not to set up a front organisation
A few days ago we uploaded a post about a site called Nothing British About The BNP, and had a laugh at the owners' pretensions to being working class. Now it's time to have a chuckle at their fantasy of amounting to anything other than half a dozen blokes who seem to run about the same number of websites.

Have you ever heard of The Union of Voters? Hardly surprising if you haven't since the site has not updated since June, but the people behind it also created the Nothing British site.

Nothing British is also connected to Conservative Home and The Henry Jackson Society, two sites which at least have the advantage of not being defunct. Writers such as Maurice Cousins from Nothing British crop up at both of the other two, which means that he is tied in to the likes of Gimlet Kamm who is also a member of the HJS.

What does Gimlet, who tries to pretend that he is a socialist, have in common with Cousins, an admitted Tory? A slavish devotion to American power and a love affair with Israel, seems to be the answer.

A generation ago setting up any of the above organisations would have required a lot of warm bodies. Today any old idiot can set up a website in little more than an afternoon and then pretend that the site involves very many people. However, they do need to remember to add in lots of fake monickers to the mix otherwise people might twig the deception.

Do you think that someone should remind these webmongs of that?


12 October 2009
The courts let foreign criminals stay in Britain
In 2007 Gordon Brown told the various foreign types that have blessed the UK with their presence that: "If you commit a crime you will be deported from our country". However, this promise has gone down the toilet along with most of Nu-Labour's other pledges.

The problem is the 1998 Human Rights Act which the courts interpret in such a way as to make the deportation even of rapists and other violent criminals almost impossible. It is tempting to blame the European Union for all this, but France and Germany manage to deport their scum with none of the aggravation that Britain faces, so the problem seems to be home grown.

This quite disgusting story adds yet more weight to the idea that there is an enormous disconnect between the ordinary people of Britain and the political class which rules them.

That being so, the next election will almost certainly see a Nu-Labour meltdown, but possibly not a massive Tory majority. The minor parties will pick up a lot of votes, and in England at any rate that means a sizeable vote for the British National Party.

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09 October 2009
Weekending: Priest Off!

The USA and atheism don't tend to go together in the public mind, but this video shows that not everyone who lives there is an inbred primitive.


08 October 2009
Sandbag & Hesco are safe!
Do you remember Sandbag, the army's pooch in Basra, and Hesco his feline mate who is pictured on the left? Both were abandoned by the army when it was forced to leave Iraq and a campaign was mounted to raise the funds to bring them over to the UK.

The good news is that the appeal raised over £13,500 which was enough to bring Sandbag and his son Dirtbag over to Britain, along with Hesco and one other soldier's pet.

As for the Quislings that various warmongering types wanted to bring over, nobody was willing to fork out a brass farthing for them. They are probably still hiding out in Iraq like frightened sewer rats, waiting for retribution day to arrive.

Fuck 'em.


Have the Tories now lost the 2010 general election?
Was this the week that the Tories lost the next general election? George Osborne's threat to freeze the public sector pay of those earning over £18,000 a year will anger the more than four million voters who are in that position. Forcing men to work an extra year before they can start collecting their pensions is also unlikely to go down well with any man currently over fifty. Finally, the Tories want to scrap both tax credits and spending on child trust funds for middle class families. Both of these moves will be presented as stealth taxes, which of course is what they are.

The Tories are just as keen as Labour to fill the gaping hole in the state's accounts that came about because of the bank bailout, but their decision to announce that they intend to do over the public sector middle class is hubris of the highest order. Only time will tell whether Labour will be able to rally and advantage of this bout of Tory stupidity, or whether the electoral benefits will flow towards the Liberal-Democrats and the minor parties. However, as the state and private sector employed middle class limber up for their mutual blood-letting, one thing is clear: this is not a battle that we are involved in so we can watch with glee from the sidelines as the buggers go at it.


07 October 2009
Exclusive: MI5 try to halt the BNP in Essex
The Tory Party is flooding the Essex constituencies of Romford and Upminster with activists every weekend, as Tory Central Office is said to be "bricking it" at the thought that the British National Party might capture both seats, according to our well-placed local source. He also reports that MI5 are poring into the county and are so desperate to recruit informants that they are breaking the basic rule of their craft, which is to be discrete. Hence people are pointing out the MI5 operatives to one another and having a good chuckle at their expense.

To make matters even more risible, Labour is trying to send people to Barking as Richard Barnbrook, the BNP's Greater London Assembly Member, has announced that he will stand in the constituency at next year's general election. Alas for the Labour Party the word is that they can't find enough warm bodies to go and knock on doors to help defend the seat.

The county is home to the famous Essex Man, a creature who did well out of the Thatcher years. Of late the recession has hit such people hard and they can no longer afford to finance their lifestyles with the easy credit of yore. Put another way, these are the folk who got a class above themselves and don't like the cold blast of reality that is now hitting them.

Both they and the BNP deserve each other.


06 October 2009
Nothing Working Class About Nothing British

Well, that's pretty straightforward, isn't it? Working class people worried about the growth in the popularity of the British National Party. Here is a video produced by those working class people - please note the presenter's accent:

So who are these horny handed sons of toil? Let's have a look:

James Bethell is actually the Fifth Lord Bethell, and a former arse-licking scab at the Sunday Times who now runs a communications company. Obviously he is not one of the "ordinary working people" mentioned in the website.

What about Tim Mongomerie, who is the editor of the website Conservative Home and who was Ian Duncan Smith's chief of staff? He also set up something called the Conservative Christian Fellowship. . . Hmm, I think that I have heard of Tim. I think this video shows him with the London Proddie Boys - Tim's the one banging buggery out of the Lambeg Drum:

All Croppies lie down, eh? On second thoughts perhaps not - it all looks a bit too rough for some Central Office chancer.

We could go on but what's the point? Let's put forward a tentative hypothesis that these buggers are telling porkies when they claim to be "ordinary working people," and let's argue that they are middle class shit instead.

Why are they trying it on? Probably because they realise that in spite of lies to the contrary, there is not enough middle class rabble around to influence anything so they need allies. Their baleful gaze has alighted upon the working class, but our tribe got sweet fuck all out of the past 12 years of Nu-Labour, and is still gagging for revenge for the Thatcher years. Thus a cross-class alliance is probably out of the question, especially with a gang of verminous Tories. So lacking numbers of their own they have to pretend that they are of our tribe in the hope of co-opting us to their agenda. It is also based on the notion that we are too thick to check these wazzocks out. Big fucking mistake, lads.

So what are the chances of this blog cheering on one of Murdoch's bumsuckers and his mates? I reckon that there are probably two chances: a dog's chance and no fucking chance. I may oppose the far right, but at least in all my dealings with them there has always been a mutual respect, that had its roots in our shared culture and background. Furthermore, the working class activists of both right and left also ask the same questions. The answers we reach are different, but the questions are the same. Middle class scum who have now been lording it over us for many a decade do not even ask the questions. Why should they, when sucking up gets them a few scraps from the boss man's table?

Bollocks to 'em and bollocks to their attempts to dupe us into believing that they are anything other than capitalism's arsewipes.

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05 October 2009

It's October and the nights are drawing in. If you are lucky enough to have a bastard job then the chances are that when you left the house this morning it was still pitch dark.

Cheer up - the buggers can't stop you having a laugh can they?

Can they?
Georgia started the South Ossetia War, says the EU
Do you remember in August of last year when Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili had his monstrous brain fart and decided to attack South Ossetia? How various warmongering types tried to blame the Russians for the five day conflict? Well, the European Union has issued a report which makes it plain that it was Georgia that initiated the hostilities. Of course the EU has to stick the boot into Russia as well, but we can ignore that just as much as the Russians will.

The point is that your friendly old Exile who gave up many a night's sleep to report and analyse this conflict was just right, wasn't he? Furthermore, all those types who came around here screaming that we were falling for Russian propaganda were just wrong. That is nice.

Looking back, we did got one or two details wrong. For instance the involvement of Israel in the affair was a lot less than it seemed at the time, and there was some Russian provocation that went unreported by us. That said, if that tie chewing wazzock that the Georgians have as their president was mug enough to fall for those tricks, then he and his country deserve everything that came their way:

So, minor details aside, we got the big picture bang to rights. The Georgians attacked and the Russians, aided by irregular forces such as Cossack hosts, steamed in and left them with their arses hanging out the window.

So what can we say to all the warmongers out there who wanked so ferociously over the thought that globalised capitalism was taking a forward step?

You got it wrong, tosspots - that's what we can say.


03 October 2009
Weekending: Caster Semanya: man, woman or freak?

Caster Semenya - man, woman or Blackpool Promenade freak show attraction? The Exile reports and you decide.


02 October 2009
Short Dick Gimlet

Here's Gillette singing a little something especially for Gimlet Kamm. Some people think that dear Gillette's just a scabby New Jersey slag, but compared to Anthea, my spunk hungry little hoare, she is as a virgin pure.

So, Gimlet, did you enjoy your fun and games with Neil Clark while I was in hospital? The comments to this posting of his suggests that you did. Anyway, I do hope so, my short-arsed little cockroach 'cos now it's time for our team to start with the guffaws.

By the way, is Stephen Pollard the one that they used to call Podge at Oxford? Unhealthy rolls of fat on a body that never stopped sweating. Sweating with fear that day when the beaglers decided to boot-black his balls and them dump him in Mercury, the Tom Quad fountain at Christ Church. Tell me it's not the same sad-arse - it might help me to stop pissing myself laughing.

OK; you rancid little maggot: answer the question and let's have less of your cheek in future.


01 October 2009
Reflections on the Labour Party conference
In a rather desperate attempt to prove that Nu-Labour really is a working class party after all a few scraps have been tossed people's way such as free childcare for two-year-olds, a non-means tested national care service for the elderly in their homes and legislation to restrict bankers' bonuses. The only problem is that few people will fall for these wheezes.

Most will remember the reality of Nu-Labour: the abolition of the 10p tax band, the wars of aggression at America's behest, the MPs expenses scandal. The list could go on, but what is the point? Just about every British person can compile a list of their own as to why they will not vote for this rancid crew.

We are just waiting for the election that will finally put an end to this vile organisation once and for all.